Victory over Malta sends Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal into the play-offs

United Portugal qualifyThey’ve made it, right at the end! Portugal have sealed their place in the play-offs thanks to a 4-0 victory over Malta.

Simao Sabrosa, Luis Nani, Liedson, and Edinho all found the back of the net as the hosts cruised past their opponents.

Despite the absence of the injured Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal made it to the final step of qualification.

Watch the video highlights of Portugal’s victory on our Video Page. Watch out also for more pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo in Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s popular Photo Gallery.

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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    • Daniel Bergstrom
      15th October 2009

      Great news, any info on when the draw will take place for the qualify-round?

    • cristiana ronaldo79***
      15th October 2009

      woooow..hehe portugal wins without cristiano by a lovely score..why?? heheh.. just kidn…offcourse hes there and our hero..miss him very much..:(

    • emmy
      15th October 2009

      the draw takes place monday.. we dont have to worry cause im sure portugal will make it.. the 8 teams are: portugal, france, russia, ireland, greece, slovania, bosnia, and ukraine.. so theres no way they wont make it.. im sure portugal, france and russia will make it.. the last spot is up for grabs and its looking like ukraine or greece. i hope ukraine since im romanian and we didnt make it, ukraine is half romanian half russian.. anyways, lets pray for a good matchup.. it will be though if we draw france or russia but we can make it anyways im sure..

    • Angela Asante aka J’Lah Lyah
      17th October 2009

      I want Portugal v Bosnia or Portugal v Slovenia. If it’s Portugal v Greece, Portugal can lose. Greece beat Portugal three times in a row (twice during Euro 2004 and once in a friendly ahead of Euro 2008).

    • derbyanabella
      19th October 2009

      Wow!! Greece was that good?? I never watch them play, but if they did beat Portugal, they must have been a fantastic team, since Rooney said that Portugal is a tough rival.

    • Christy1
      20th October 2009

      hey u greece can never beat portugal bcoz in portugal there a great hero.who will definatley make potugal win.and he would be the hero of the match.


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