Cristiano Ronaldo vs Denmark – Flop of the Match ?

Portugal’s 3-2 victory over Denmark last night came in as a very close one. The goal from Silvestre Varela, a substitute player, saved the team from leaving early from the Euro 2012 competition. Valera’s name quickly became the spotlight as he mentioned as the team’s saviour, as well as Pepe and Helder Postiga’s name. Unfortunately, for Cristiano Ronaldo, rather then getting a praise for his performance, the media mentioned him as a flop of the match. Fortsätt läsa Cristiano Ronaldo vs Denmark – Flop of the Match ?

Pictures and Video : Cristiano Ronaldo vs FC Barcelona Copa Clasico Second Leg (25 January 2012)

cristianoronaldo el clasicoImpressive performance from Cristiano Ronaldo last night has awarded him with his first goal at Camp Nou.

On the second leg of Copa Clasico, Real Madrid was left behind with 2 goals from Barcelona at the first half. However at the second half, the White team started a fast manouver to strikes Barcelona.

Real Madrid was finally able to score through Ramos header, but the ref disallowed the goal unfairly. At minute 68th, Ronaldo brought hope for the team with his goal, followed by Karim Benzema goal 4 minutes later. Madrid kept pushing Barcelona to the edge, as the host looked miserable. Barca then rely on the referee to get the advantage on stopping Madrid’s move, with Sergio Ramos second yellow card 5 minutes before the match ended. Ramos received the card for making a save and clean challenge over Busquets. It was clearly a wrong judgement from the ref.

With the tie result of 2-2, Barcelona finally made it to the Copa del Rey semi-final.

To watch CR goal , just click the link below :

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal vs Barcelona Copa Clasico Second Leg Match (25 January 2012)

Black Sunday for red-carded Ronaldo

As provocation from opposition teams and fans mounted in recent weeks, keeping cool was Cristiano Ronaldo’s challenge.
The Rocket struggled to deal with his nerves in Man United’s away game to Celtic, as well as against Brazil and Aston Villa.

Finally, the yellow card he picked up against Villareal in last week’s Champions League encounter was not only a warning against his behaviour, but also the prelude of a bitter event; an event which was just five days away from happening at that point in time, and two days behind the ceremony in Paris for the Golden Ball.

In seven good words, Ronaldo saw red in Sunday’s Mancunian derby. The European footballer of the year was shown his first yellow card of the afternoon after being accused of fouling Sean Wright-Philips, though it appeared that Ronaldo clearly went for the ball in the challenge. Fortsätt läsa Black Sunday for red-carded Ronaldo