Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk at Real Madrid-Millionarios Game (Sep 27, 2012)














Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk – Pepe & Sofia watches Real Madrid-Milionarios Bernabeu Trophy Match at Bernabeu Stadium.

Fortsätt läsa Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk at Real Madrid-Millionarios Game (Sep 27, 2012)

Real Madrid teammates back Cristiano Ronaldo

With a must-win match on Saturday against Sevilla and a 5-point deficit already racked up against league rivals Barcelona, Real Madrid have no room for mistakes.

And they haven’t made any so far when it comes to Ronaldo’s happiness this season – with Cristiano helping Portugal to consecutive World Cup 2014 qualifying wins, the Real Madrid returned to Madrid with a fresh vow to commit himself fully to the club and to help them defend their league title.


”I would like to reaffirm, without being concerned about contracts, that my focus is solely on winning every game and every available trophy with the essential company of my teammates and all Madridistas.”

His teammates have come out to support him, mindful that they need to present a united front against a press eager to find any signs of weakness.

Iker Casillas:

”For Madrid, for the players as much as the fans, it is an authentic pleasure to have Cristiano here. And for Cristiano, it is a luxury to wear the jersey of the best club in the world. We all benefit. Madrid fans are demanding, but they are that way about everyone.”

Sevilla have a win and two draws to start the season, but Madrid will be hoping that they can deliver them their first defeat and keep the difference with Barcelona down to 5 points before the first Clasico this season on October 7th.

Despite their irregular start to the season Madrid are still considered the bookmakers’ favourites for the Sevilla game, just as they are odds-on favourites for every La Liga game that doesn’t involve Barcelona. You can visit the Paddy Power Mobile app for more up to date information on the latest football odds, as well as a variety of casino games for you.

Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Barcelona (29 August 2012)2nd Leg Supercopa Clasico

cristiano ronaldo supercopa

Cristiano Ronaldo tastes his first trophy for the season after a 2-1 victory over Barcelona in Supercopa second leg match. Ronaldo scored one goal in the game, while the other goal came through Gonzalo Higuain. Meanwhile, Barcelona single goal was created thought Lionel Messi’s amazing free kick shot.

Unlike the first leg match, Real Madrid clearly showed their domination throughout the match. Both 2 goals  were created in the first half, at minute 11th by Higuain, and Cristiano Ronaldo 8 minutes later. And afterwards, Mourinho’s squad managed to give a hard time for Victor Valdes, as they didn’t stop on attacking.

Anyway, here are pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo on the match :

[fbphotos id=341442032612340]

All About Supercopa Clasico – Real Madrid Victory 2-1 Over Barcelona (29 August 2012)

What a good way to start the season for Real Madrid. Yes, their 2 league matches sucks, but who cares . They finally won their first trophy for the season, Supercopa, by defeating Barcelona in the second leg match with a 2-1 score  .The victory also stopped Barcelona from winning their Supercopa Trophy for the  fourth time. Fortsätt läsa All About Supercopa Clasico – Real Madrid Victory 2-1 Over Barcelona (29 August 2012)

Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs AC Milan (8 August 2012)Friendly Match


Real Madrid tasted their third victory in US exhibition tour after a 5-1 win over AC Milan at Yankee Stadium New York, last night local time.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who grabbed man of the match trophy for his amazing performance has scored 2 goals in the second half.  The goals became his first in Real Madrid preseason tour.

Check out Ronaldo pictures here : Fortsätt läsa Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs AC Milan (8 August 2012)Friendly Match

Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Atletico Bilbao (2 May 2012)La liga

cristiano ronaldo vs atletico bilbaoReal Madrid’s 3-0 winning over Atletico Bilbao last night has also marked their victory in La liga Title this season. Barcelona’s hope to win the league’s Trophy in 4 consecutive year has vanished.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 1 goal in the game. Although earlier in minute 12 it was rather disappointing that Ronaldo missed his penalty shot, twice this season. Fortsätt läsa Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Atletico Bilbao (2 May 2012)La liga

Cristiano Ronaldo Cursed Penalty Kick in Champions League

As a penalty executor, Cristiano Ronaldo had an amazing record with Real Madrid. During his 3 years on the team, he has done 27 penalties in 90 minutes of the games. He failed once on his first season wearing the White shirt, against Almeria back in Decemeber 2009. Fortsätt läsa Cristiano Ronaldo Cursed Penalty Kick in Champions League

Pictures and News : Cristiano Ronaldo at Copa Clasico (1-2) 18 January 2012

cristiano ronaldo el clasico

The 1-2 home defeat against Barcelona at the first leg of Copa clasico  has made it difficult for Real Madrid to survive the second leg match. It is a matter of life and death, and their goal is to  maintain the Copa Trophy. But  firstly, they have to win the next clasico with at least 2 goals gap.

Last night, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the only goal for Real Madrid. However, it might be harder for him to do the same at Camp Nou, knowing his goal statistic at Barca homeground is consider low. Until now, Ronaldo only recorded 1 goal at Camp Nou, which on last season’s Copa final.

So, the real question is, can Ronaldo help Real Madrid to snatch 2 goals at Camp Nou and leave nothing for the host ??


Translate : Cristiano Ronaldo and Hugo Sanchez Meet and Greet (20 May 2011)

cristiano ronaldo_sanchezCristiano Ronaldo 40 goals in La liga has created a new record, since it surpasses Hugo Sanchez and Zarra previous record of 38 goals.

In a meet and greet with Sanchez at Bernabeu, both 2 football legends met, and shared their stories. Before the session ends, Ronaldo gave Sanchez a number ‘7’ shirt with his autograph.

Here are some of the interview


”I always said that, if my record was ever to be equalled or broken, I’d rather it was by a Real Madrid player. I will celebrate if Cristiano eventually breaks it. Records are meant to be broken.”


”I am honoured to have reached two legends like Hugo Sanchez and Zarra. I am delighted to be amongst them. Individual accolades are important, but not as much as collective achievements. I’m satisfied because it isn’t easy to score 38 goals in one season, but I managed to do so with the help of my teammates. I wouldn’t be able to win a Pichichi Trophy or a Golden Boot without them. I am very grateful to them. All I can promise is that I will always do my best when wearing this shirt. Ozil, Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Di Maria, Benzema, Higuain… It’s hard to choose just one teammate. This award belongs to all and I wish to share it with them.”


”Michel possible served me the most assists, but I connected well with everyone. Butragueño, Martin Vazquez… I also believe this trophy belongs to the entire team.”


”Let’s see if we can score more goals against Almeria to make our goal count more impressive,” says Cristiano.


”My favourite in my 38 goal run was the last because it was the one that allowed me to catch up with Zarra and win the Golden Boot. It came from a cross by Michel. I overtook the defender and shot on target.”


”My favourite is the second strike I netted against Villarreal. I like many of the goals I’ve scored, but I prefer that one because it’s the most recent.”


”I believe I would have scored more goals had I had Cristiano’s speed and shooting power, as well as his movements while on the run. That’s what I would’ve most liked to have of his skills.”


”I would like to score from bicycle kicks, as he did. I would also like to have a similar scoring streak. His was impressive.”


”Cristiano is young, strong and has many years left in football, and I hope he spends them at Real Madrid. The team will score many goals, play great games and win many titles with Cristiano. The run he’s having is spectacular. Nine goals in three games! That’s an astonishing feat.”


”I will always give my all when wearing the Real Madrid shirt.”

Real Madrid scored total 107 goals on Hugo Sanchez time at that moment, and although this season Real Madrid haven’t scored that many, they still proud to have a total 102 goal for the season.