Real Madrid to Charge $85-382 to watch UCLA Training Session

Ahead of their four pre-season friendlies in the United States this summer, Real Madrid will hold an ‘open’ training session at the UCLA campus on August 4th. It’s only ‘open’, however, if you are willing to pay for the privilege of watching Xabi Alonso stretch. Last year’s UCLA training session was closed to the public, but Los Blancos have now decided to captilize on Californians with an insatiable appetite for seeing millionaires run around cones, charging fans up to $382 for a VIP pass. Marca explains what that package includes: In addition to giving you a seat in a covered area, the VIP pass includes the opportunity to meet Real Madrid players after training and be photographed with the Casillas, Ronaldo and co. The lucky VIP will also enjoy a continental breakfast at the training facilities chosen by Madrid. Nearly 400 bones for a cold breakfast at a university campus? If it isn’t prepared by Sergio Ramos and fed spoonful-by-spoonful by Mesut Ozil while Jose Mourinho gives out massages, that’s not particularly good value. The cheapest tickets for the event will be $85, which is around $85 more than any other European club has ever had the audacity to charge their fans to watch a training session.

Spain vs Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo’s date with destiny

Iberian rivals Spain and Portugal do battle in the Euro 2012 semi-finals on Wednesday night, with both vying for a place in the competition final against Germany or Italy. Cristiano Ronaldo will be vital to his nation’s chances of progression, as the Portuguese superstar can further enhance his stock with a strong performance and potential victory. Fortsätt läsa Spain vs Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo’s date with destiny

Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Arrival at Bilbao (1 May 2012)

cristianoReal Madrid team is preparing for their next league match against Atletico Bilbao that will be held at San Mames tonight. 20 men were tabbed for the duty yesterday, and has arrived at Bilbao.

The Team list for Bilbao are :

Fortsätt läsa Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo Arrival at Bilbao (1 May 2012)

Cristiano Ronaldo Cursed Penalty Kick in Champions League

As a penalty executor, Cristiano Ronaldo had an amazing record with Real Madrid. During his 3 years on the team, he has done 27 penalties in 90 minutes of the games. He failed once on his first season wearing the White shirt, against Almeria back in Decemeber 2009. Fortsätt läsa Cristiano Ronaldo Cursed Penalty Kick in Champions League

Pictures and Video : Cristiano Ronaldo vs FC Barcelona Copa Clasico Second Leg (25 January 2012)

cristianoronaldo el clasicoImpressive performance from Cristiano Ronaldo last night has awarded him with his first goal at Camp Nou.

On the second leg of Copa Clasico, Real Madrid was left behind with 2 goals from Barcelona at the first half. However at the second half, the White team started a fast manouver to strikes Barcelona.

Real Madrid was finally able to score through Ramos header, but the ref disallowed the goal unfairly. At minute 68th, Ronaldo brought hope for the team with his goal, followed by Karim Benzema goal 4 minutes later. Madrid kept pushing Barcelona to the edge, as the host looked miserable. Barca then rely on the referee to get the advantage on stopping Madrid’s move, with Sergio Ramos second yellow card 5 minutes before the match ended. Ramos received the card for making a save and clean challenge over Busquets. It was clearly a wrong judgement from the ref.

With the tie result of 2-2, Barcelona finally made it to the Copa del Rey semi-final.

To watch CR goal , just click the link below :

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal vs Barcelona Copa Clasico Second Leg Match (25 January 2012)

Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos On Cristiano Ronaldo’s Red Card

S. Ramos, CR9Until the final decision is taken, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo will be facing a two-match ban after breaking the nose of Malaga defender Mtiliga.

The majority of football’s public have criticized Ronaldo for violent conduct but some also have a different judgment as they believe that there was no intent from the player when he elbowed his opponent.

Now, as Real Madrid are pursuing their appeal, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos has come in defense of Los Blancos’ star player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

”Cristiano had no intention of hurting the player. We [Real Madrid] believe that the punishment is unjust.

Ramos then underlined the effect that Ronaldo’s absence could have on the squad:

“There are two matches that he would have to seat out. He will be a big loss for Real Madrid. Cristiano has got the support of the entire squad and everyone thinks the same thing: he was just trying to get past the player.”

When asked to compare Cristiano Ronaldo’s elbow incident with Lionel Messi’s gesture in Barcelona’s 4-0 victory against Sevilla two weeks ago, Sergio Ramos said:

“Messi was lucky not to hit the defender [Valiente] in the face but Cristiano had the bad luck of breaking the nose of the defender [Mtiliga].”

Real Madrid will have to wait a bit more time before knowing whether they have won the case which they filed to the Appeals Committee.

According to Cristiano Ronaldo himself, the next story could be positive.

“I’m confident in the case that the club will present on my behalf and that the Committee will reduce the punishment.”

Angela Asante, Cristiano Ronaldo Fan Editor

Sergio Ramos: Welcome to Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo!

Nereida Gallardo’s ex-boyfriend, Sergio Ramos, will be united with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid next season. The 23-year-old was expected to be the rival of Ronaldo – had the Portuguese signed for Madrid last year.

But now, it seems like there is no resentment from Ramos towards Ronaldo, despite having shared the same woman, Nereida Gallardo. Fortsätt läsa Sergio Ramos: Welcome to Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo!

Nereida Gallardo; Dumped and Broken

Nereida Gallardo

Did Ronaldo react too harshly towards his former girlfriend Nereida Gallardo when he broke up with her for good?

The Spanish model was one of the numerous girls Ronaldo has dated who had a big impact on Ronaldo’s private and professional life.

According to rumours, Ronaldo’s friends and family appreciated Nereida unlike Mercedes Romero – whom Ronaldo once planed to marry.

In terms of devotion, she certainly gave 100% of herself to Cristiano as she even went on to tattoo “CR7” on the inside of her wrist to honour her boyfriend’s name and lucky number.

Moreover, it is believed that she never duped Ronaldo during their relationship.

For those of you who are unaware of Nereida’s secret, the first question is probably, ‘Why did Ronaldo break up with such an angel?’ Fortsätt läsa Nereida Gallardo; Dumped and Broken

Real Madrid’s double game

The Spanish giants are without doubt doing all they can to sign Manchester United’s number 7 Cristiano Ronaldo.

During these last three weeks, they have been trying to negotiate with the English Champions; Real has also come up with different transfer prices – all of them being attractive enough to captivate Ronaldo’s mind and possibly push Man United to sell their uncommitted star winger.

On the other side, Real Madrid is imitating Manchester United’s game, which consists in trying to keep a player in his present club by resisting the opposition. Fortsätt läsa Real Madrid’s double game

Nereida’s secret and Ronaldo’s ignorance

Nereida GallardoRonaldo’s transfer saga seems to be a world of war and confusion made of three pillars: The ”Great Spanish Giants” Real Madrid, the ”English Resistance” Manchester United with in between, the ”King of the EPL” Cristiano Ronaldo.

Apparently, this world has taken a new dimension, from soccer issues to celebrity gossips. Is there someone who can influence Ronaldo to stay in England more than Nereida Gallardo?

Well, the summer transfer window is not yet closed so the answer to this question is still a debate. But something which is a reality is that Ronaldo’s girlfriend Nereida is doing all she can to prevent Ronaldo from signing for Real – in other words, from going to Spain and to Madrid especially. Fortsätt läsa Nereida’s secret and Ronaldo’s ignorance