Mourinho: It would be a crime if Ronaldo does not win the Ballon d’Or

Real Madrid Coach Jose Mourinho Feels That Cristiano Ronaldo Deserves to Win Ballon D’OR and says he is on another level than Barcelona attacker Lionel Messi.


Cristiano Ronaldo: The difference between success and failure for Real Madrid

Much is expected this season for Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid, who are fresh from snatching the La Liga title from rivals Barcelona’s grasp last season. With the calibre of player available to the Portuguese coach, the financial clout behind the club and the intense supporter backing of the Santiago Bernabeu faithful, Los Blancos are expected to whitewash all that crosses their path. The difference whether they can do it or not? One Cristiano Ronaldo.

Things have not gone according to plan so far for the Spanish champions in 2012-13, as erratic form has blighted early season ambition. Poor results in the Primera Division see the capital-city side trailing Barcelona by eight points already. The main reason that can be accounted for this is CR7’s ill-content at the club, with the player admitted that he does not feel happy or valued in Madrid.

The talented forward has a phenomenal record for the Spanish side, and was the key to ending Barcelona’s reign of power last season. After three years of unequivocal success for the Catalan giants, something special was needed to knock the Camp Nou side off their pedestal. That something was a Cristiano Ronaldo inspired victory for Madrid in Catalunya, with the ex-Manchester United forward scoring the decisive goal.

This season, despite not being in the best mentality due to the afore-mentioned personal problems, Ronaldo salvaged a lacklustre Madrid side against Manchester City in the Champions League, scoring an individual last-minute winner to save the side’s blushes. Despite the ability of Karim Benzema, Mesut Ozil, Angel Di Maria and countless other superstars in the squad, Ronaldo is the man that makes the side tick.

After filling a similar talismanic role for Portugal at Euro 2012, Ronaldo is well and truly in the running for the next Ballon d’Or. FootballTop is an alternative to FIFA and UEFA rankings that indicates international public rating of clubs, championships, players, national teams; it currently has CR7 is the most popular and most respected player in the modern game.

All legendary teams have their star players that make the side successful. The Brazil side of the 1970’s had Pele, Argentina’s World Cup winning side had Diego Maradona; the difference between success or monumental failure for this Real Madrid side is Cristiano Ronaldo, and the club must do all it can to keep the superstar happy and firing.

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All About Supercopa Clasico – Real Madrid Victory 2-1 Over Barcelona (29 August 2012)

What a good way to start the season for Real Madrid. Yes, their 2 league matches sucks, but who cares . They finally won their first trophy for the season, Supercopa, by defeating Barcelona in the second leg match with a 2-1 score  .The victory also stopped Barcelona from winning their Supercopa Trophy for the  fourth time. Fortsätt läsa All About Supercopa Clasico – Real Madrid Victory 2-1 Over Barcelona (29 August 2012)

Real Madrid’s Shocking Performance in Early of Season 2012/13



Despite his disappointing performance against Getafe on the last league match, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to escape Jose Mourinho’s critics. After the match, Mourinho made sure that it was all about team work, and not about one man job. Even that the lost is unacceptable, Mou knew that Getafe played better at that time, and that him, the coach and all the players were on the same boat. Fortsätt läsa Real Madrid’s Shocking Performance in Early of Season 2012/13

First Leg of El Clasico Supercopa Season 2012/13 – Ronaldo vs Messi


The Supercopa El Clasico first leg match will be held at Camp Nou tonight. As the opening game of season 2012/13, the match will determine which is the best between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The question is, will Real Madrid survive the game, knowing that they didn’t start the league season in a fancy way after a 1-1 draw over Valencia last week ? Fortsätt läsa First Leg of El Clasico Supercopa Season 2012/13 – Ronaldo vs Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo at Los Angeles for Pre-season Training Camp

cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at Los Angeles for Real Madrid pre-season training camp yesterday (28 July 2012) along with 25 other Madrid players. The team stayed at Beverly Hills Hotels for third time on the last 3 years,  and trained at UCLA University. Fortsätt läsa Cristiano Ronaldo at Los Angeles for Pre-season Training Camp

Real Madrid to Charge $85-382 to watch UCLA Training Session

Ahead of their four pre-season friendlies in the United States this summer, Real Madrid will hold an ‘open’ training session at the UCLA campus on August 4th. It’s only ‘open’, however, if you are willing to pay for the privilege of watching Xabi Alonso stretch. Last year’s UCLA training session was closed to the public, but Los Blancos have now decided to captilize on Californians with an insatiable appetite for seeing millionaires run around cones, charging fans up to $382 for a VIP pass. Marca explains what that package includes: In addition to giving you a seat in a covered area, the VIP pass includes the opportunity to meet Real Madrid players after training and be photographed with the Casillas, Ronaldo and co. The lucky VIP will also enjoy a continental breakfast at the training facilities chosen by Madrid. Nearly 400 bones for a cold breakfast at a university campus? If it isn’t prepared by Sergio Ramos and fed spoonful-by-spoonful by Mesut Ozil while Jose Mourinho gives out massages, that’s not particularly good value. The cheapest tickets for the event will be $85, which is around $85 more than any other European club has ever had the audacity to charge their fans to watch a training session.

The Fabulous Cristiano Ronaldo and His Amazing 3 Season With Real Madrid


It’s been 3 years since Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid for the first time. Probably people still remembered when on July 6th 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo taken his first step as a Madridista. Since then, no less than 146 goals have been recorded through either his feet and head. What makes it amazing is that all 146 goals came from 146 matches, that brought 2 titles for Los Blancos.

With €94 million transfer fee, Real Madrid was finally able to bring him to Santiago Bernabeu, with the hope that his presence will conquer Barcelona’s domination. Fortsätt läsa The Fabulous Cristiano Ronaldo and His Amazing 3 Season With Real Madrid

Captain Cristiano Ronaldo to Score in a Friendly Against Kuwait National Team

Playing against Kuwait National team in a friendly match, Real Madrid is reportedly to received €3 million for appearance fee. Los Blancos, who lowered their first team, succeeded in defeating the host with 2-0 victory.

Real Madrid appeared dominant since the beginning of the match, where both of the goals were created in the first round. Fortsätt läsa Captain Cristiano Ronaldo to Score in a Friendly Against Kuwait National Team

The Crucial Judgement Day in El Clasico Duel

Currently, Los Blancos still lead in the league standings  with 85 points. Yet, they’re only 4 points away from rival Barcelona in second place. If Real Madrid succeeded in winning tonight’s El Clasico duel, it will leave Barcelona to almost impossible to catch them in the Primera league since there will only be 4 matches left. On the other hand, if Barcelona win the game, they will cut the margin into 1 point. Which means, Barcelona can only hope for Real Madrid to get frustrated that will losen their confidence and concentration in the last 4matches. Fortsätt läsa The Crucial Judgement Day in El Clasico Duel