Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Son at Portugal Airport (26 July 2012)

cristiano junior


Cristiano Ronaldo was seen yesterday with his family and son Junior at Portugal airport, ready to take of with a jet plane. Probably getting ready to fly back to Madrid. Ronaldo’s girlfriend Irina Shayk wasn’t around, since she has already returned to New York couple days earlier. Fortsätt läsa Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Son at Portugal Airport (26 July 2012)

Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Family at New House in Portugal

irina and cristiano


Cristiano Ronaldo was having fun at his new house in Geres, North Portugal. He wasn’t alone, his girlfriend Irina Shayk also there, along with his family and friends.

It took around 1 year for the house to finally finished. The house is surrounded by mountain, lake and forest, a perfect place for hideaway….. Yet, the paparazzi still find their way to take a snap of him… Fortsätt läsa Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Family at New House in Portugal

Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina at Phuket ( 7 July 2012)

cristiano ronaldo and irina

After St. Tropez, Cristiano Ronaldo took girlfriend Irina Shayk to Thailand. The couple were seen at Phuket, to spend their summer holiday. Too bad the weather won’t cooperate with them .

Check out the pics here : Fortsätt läsa Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina at Phuket ( 7 July 2012)

Cristiano Ronaldo Incident at Globe de Oro After Party

Cristiano Ronaldo missed the award ceremony at the Globe de Oro event at Lisbon, Portugal, and had to be represented by his two sisters, Katia and Elma Aveiro.

However, apparently he attended  the gala after party, at the Urban Beach nightclub. He was seen leaving the club with his friends. Fortsätt läsa Cristiano Ronaldo Incident at Globe de Oro After Party

Irina Shayk Attends Real Madrid Match vs APOEL (4 April 2012)

irina shaykFor the last couple of weeks, the breaking up rumors between  Ronaldo and Irina were everywhere on the media. Irina’s bikini holiday in Miami last week with her friends has made it worse. But last night, Irina made it clear that she’s still dating the Portuguese footballer by attending Real Madrid’s match against APOEL with the Aveiro’s clan.

The SI model sat next to Ronaldo’s sister, Elma, wearing a white top and a pink pants. Cristiano Junior was no where in sight.

Pictures : Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo Junior Watching Espanyol Match at Bernabeu (4 March 2012)

irina and crjCristiano Ronaldo girlfriend, Irina Shayk was seen at Santiago Bernabeu when Real Madrid hosted Espanyol in a 5-0 victory last Sunday. She wasn’t alone, Ronaldo’s son , Junior was also there to support his dad. Along with them, Ronaldo’s family and friends, including his agent Jorge Mendez and wife were seen in the VIP box.

On some pictures, we can see Irina babysat lil Junior and other kids. Clearly, the boy is quite fond of her. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so much with Ronaldo’s mom, Dolores, as they both seemed to be sitting in a distance and not making any contact during the match.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Junior at Family Vacation in Algarve (27 June 2011)

cristiano ronaldo juniorCristiano Ronaldo continued his summer holiday in Algarve with girlfriend Irina. But this time, he took all of the family member with him, including his son, Junior.

cristiano irina

Travelling in a yacht seems like his favorite kind of holiday. However, despite in his most relaxed moment, he  still showed the hates to the paparazzi who’s taking pictures of his son, by giving them a welcome ‘finger’…..




Exclusive Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina – Romance on Sea (21 June 2011)

cristiano_irina6Cristiano Ronaldo spends  time with girlfriend Irina on the beautiful Aegean sea of Bodrum. The couple went for jet skiing for 45 minutes, before taking a rest on a comfy yacht.

Here are the pictures…


Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina – Another Day at Madeira (23 May 2011)

cristiano_irinaCristiano Ronaldo spends 3 days of holiday at Madeira with family and girlfriend, before headed back to Portugal national team on Wednesday.

Before sightseeing, he took Irina to his store CR7 with mom Dolly and sis Katia. And afterwards, they both enjoying a nice view at Madeira island.

Cris looks happy with his girlfriend by his side, showing her the first trip to his home town, Madeira. He even allowed a photographer, Helder Santos, took his pictures and Irina together.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk at Zaragoza Match (30 April 2011)

irina and cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo must be pretty disappointed for being out-listed for the Zaragoza match. But ….oh,wait……He was having fun with girlfriend Irina  while watching his team-mates at Santiago Bernabeu last night.

The cute couple were kissing in public during their quick lunch, and we can see that Cris big smile is because of her.  Even when his team finally had to face a tragic result, a 2-3 defeated in a home game.

A shocking result, since Zaragoza is a minor club that stands in 17th place of the Spanish table list. But luckily, Barcelona also facing a 2-1 defeated against the host Real Sociedad on the same night. Messi didn’t score, so I guess Cristiano will have the chance for the pichichi.

Anyway, here are the pictures of Cris and Irina on the VIP Box