Real Madrid Goaless Draw Against Valencia HasTrimmed the Point Margin With Barcelona. Will They Survive Another 7 Matches Left ?

Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid failed to maintain the point distance with Barcelona after a goaless draw against Valencia last night. With a 4-1 victory against Zaragoza a day earlier, Barcelona has trimmed the margin to 4 points. With 7 matches left on the league, including El Clasico, Real Madrid have to ring the alarm and get back to their last month performance in order to win the league.

Here are Real Madrid’s last 7 matches schedule :

11 April : Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid
14 April : Sporting Gijon vs Real Madrid
22 April : Barcelona vs Real Madrid
29 April : Real Madrid vs Sevilla
2 May : Atletico Bilbao vs Real Madrid
6 May : Granada vs Real Madrid
13 May : Real Madrid vs Mallorca

Based on the history and the match list, Real Madrid will have at least 3 more tough matches , which are against  Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla. If Real’s performance is at their  top just like in early month of 2012,  then facing Atletico and Sevilla won’t be a problem for them. But clearly, they’re not at the moment.

And against Barcelona in the next Clasico , the task is even harder since it’ll be at Camp Nou, Barcelona’s sacred plac. And to make it worse, before the El Clasico, Madrid had to concentrate on the next Champions League match against Bayern Munich, which will be held at 17th and 24th April.

Here are Barcelona’s 7 last matches schedule :

10 April : Barcelona vs Getafe
14 April : Levante vs Barcelona
22 April : Barcelona vs Real Madrid
29 April : Rayo Vallecano vs Barcelona
2 May : Barcelona vs Malaga
6 May : Barcelona vs Espanyol
13 May : Real Betis vs Barcelona

Based on their history and statistic, Barcelona also face 3 tough opponents, Levante, Espanyol, and Real Madrid. But with their performance lately, we can scratch Levante and Espanyol on the list. Which mean, for Barcelona, the Clasico match is the only game to determine their future in La liga.




Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo in El Clasico (Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona) 10 December 2011

cristiano ronaldo el clasico

Despite being superior since early of the season, Real Madrid seemed to be hopeless when it comes to a fight against rival Barcelona. The host lost 1-3 from Barca players, by playing a risky frontal attack strategy.

Real Madrid actually opened the first goal through Benzema in just 20 seconds, and continued the attack fiercely. But after 30 minutes, they seemed to be losen their grip, and that was when Alexis Sanchez saw the opportunity and equalized the point.  1-1 for both team. Until the break, the result has not changed.

On the second half Barcelona leads the way, with 2 goals from Xavi Hernandez and Cesc Fabregas. It was Fabi first goal in El Clasico.

As for Cristiano Ronaldo ,  he is far from his usual performance. He often threw  bad passes, his shots was far from target, and he seemed tired throughout the match.

Overall, I have to say saluut to Benzema for his tireless effort, and also Kaka for his smart moves to break the defense. And also for all players for well-behave on the match(well, almost…).

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Supercopa Controversy – Victor Valdez Tripped Cristiano Ronaldo in Penalty Spot

valdes tripped ronaldoThere is always controversy behind El Clasico match. And this time,  Barcelona once again manage to get away with 2 penalty shots, that happened right under the ref’s nose.

Indeed, Real Madrid made a few hard tackles during the match, and at least one or two of it should ended with a yellow. And the one that led to controversy was Pepe’s tackle on Dani Alves, which created protest among Barca players. The incident brought us back to the similar one last season, when Pepe received a straight red card after tackling Alves (although on video, people could see that Pepe actually didn’t touch Alves leg).

The  difference is, this time the ref let Pepe go without a card.

But the ref kindness didn’t came for nothing. In return, the ref made a clever move on saving Barcelona from a penalty shot, or should I say, 2 penalties. First, Abidal made a handsball in the penalty area in the first half, which earns a penalty. And second, and the most obvious thing, was when Victor Valdes deliberately tripped Ronaldo while he was trying to chase the ball.

Funny ?? It is funny, since the best goalkeeper in Spain did a childish incident, yet he got away easily, by saying ”I simply touched his foot, it wasn’t a penalty,”

Real Madrid played differently yesterday, which is better, so did Barcelona with their new team. However, there is one obvious thing doesn’t change, and that is the one-sided referee.

Anyway, here is the video of the incident, feel free to judge….Just click the link below :

Victor Valdes Cheating on Ronaldo in Supercopa


Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures in El Clasico (Real Madrid 1-1 FC Barcelona,16 April 2011)

el clasicoThe first sequel of the 4 El Clasico match  is over, with 1-1 draw result. Next one, Copa del Rey Final.

If tonight Real Madrid was consider lucky to made a draw, at Copa it won’t be easy, since they play in away match, at Mestala Stadium.

Tonight, from the beginning until the end of the game, Barcelona was the one who’s taking in charge of the match. They lead in the ball possesion, as well as the strategy. And it wasn’t just because Real Madrid played with 10 men only, early on the second half. And for me as a true fan of Real Madrid, it hurts to watch the match, but in the end felt relief with the result.

The positive point on the match, is that CR finally puts an end to his goaless curse in El Clasico match, by scoring a penalty kick.  It means, for the first time CR and Messi’s name was on the scoreboard, side by side. Both from the penalty kick.

OK, I’m done talking and just want to share CR pictures  from the match :

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Cristiano Ronaldo Last Training For El Clasico (15 April 2011) – Pictures

cristiano ronaldo1Jose Mourinho called out 19 players for El Clasico tomorrow. Benzema joins the squad list, with other strikers such as Higuain and Adebayor.

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Goalkeepers: Casillas, Adam and Dudek.
Defenders: Garay, Albiol, Ramos, Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo and Arbeloa.
Midfielders: Xabi Alonso, Özil, Di Maria, Khedira and Kaka.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Adebayor, Benzema and Higuain.


Cristiano Ronaldo Pushed Coach ”Pep” On the Side Field

RM vs  Barca12It must have been the most humiliating moments for Real Madrid to face a huge loss to their eternal rival, Barcelona at El Clasico match yesterday night. The Whites has to go back to Valdebebas with zero goal in hand, while the host collected 5 goals in their face.

Angry, humiliated, and feeling hopeless was definitely got inside the Real’s forward Cristiano Ronaldo, when he rudely pushed coach Pep Guardiola on the sideline.

It wasn’t entirely Cristiano’s fault , since Pep provoke angry Cris to do that. Pep was the one who holds the ball, when Cristiano reached out to take the ball from Pep’s hand, when suddenly Pep deliberately ignored Cris and threw away the ball and passed it to Messi. Feeling hurt, Cris pushed Pep and walked away back on the field.

Unfortunately, the scene didn’t end there. Barcelona players didn’t accept Cris behaviour and they were trying to defend the coach. Victor Valdes was the one who made a hard protest with the Portuguese, and the situation got heated even more. The ref later gave both Victor and Cristiano yellow cards. But it was too late. They created fires inside the rivalry, and the ref got busy on booking the players with yellow cards all through the match.

For watching the video of the incident, just click HERE>>>


Pictures and Videos : Cristiano Ronaldo El Clasico Press Conference (27 November 2010)

cristianoToday, Cristiano Ronaldo was having a press conference about El Clasico match. For watching the video, you can go to Cristiano Ronaldo Press Conference (English Subtitles)

Also , here are the pictures from the event :

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Cristiano Ronaldo Bwin Press Conference (25 November 2010)

press conferenceCristiano Ronaldo and Xabi Alonso talked about El Clasico on a press conference today, organized by Bwin.  The best quotation from the La liga top scorer on the conference was, ” The winner is the best, and the best is Real Madrid.”

Cristiano, who has expecting a victory for his team, explained that both Madrid and Barcelona have a difference on the football style. While Barca identical with short passing and tikitaka, Real Madrid prefers the long pass, and grabs a goal chance as quickly as possible.

”We are two very different and also very similar. They are very good, also fighting for the league, and very close to each other, but with a very different football,” said Ronaldo.

CR also mentioned that El Barca is an important game for them, and explained, ”We are one point ahead, and although it will be a difficult game because we play in away match, but I hope we’re going to get a good result. But it is not final, because there are still many games.”

The Portuguese player also realized that Barcelona is more stronger when they play in Camp Nou.

”It’s the same in recent years, they are a very strong team, especially at home. They have proved that they are there to fight with us and for the league. We do our job well, and we know we’re in a good shape too. Therefore there will be a good game, ”he said.

About his position on the field CR admitted that he always been extreme, and doesn’t like to be in just one position. ”It depends on the circumstances of the team, and the match. I do not like to stay fixed in one position, I like being free,” he added.

”This is happening at Real Madrid, I am very happy with my position, because my teammates know me very well. I want to continue  helping, giving goals, assists ….”

He also gave time to praise all the big players, with whom he has shared experiences, back in Sporting Lisbon, ManUtd, and also his national team.

For Jose Mourinho, he thinks that they both are having the same personalities. ”Perhaps, because we are Portuguese. I am an ambitious person, like Mourinho. For me it is an honor and proud to work with a coach at his level that won it all. I hope he can bring his experience with Madrid and win many titles together, ”he said.

And finally, CR spoke about the similarity between El Clasico and ManUtd vs Liverpool. ”Both are special matches, different parties, and everyone like to watch, in stadium and on television. ”

Well, that’s all about his press conference, unfortunately no video available until now.


News : Cristiano Ronaldo Denies About Having a Party After El Clasico

aaCristiano Ronaldo will take a legal action for ”Save Me” program from Telecinco for reporting a false news about him. There are news about the Portuguese was having a party at his house for 2 straight days, at Friday, one day before El Clasico, and Saturday, right after the match.

The first party was reportedly to last until 5 in the next morning, before he continued the second party at Saturday night.”Because of the seriousness of these accusation, I have  instructed my attorneys to, without any contemplation, to use all legal means to reveal the truth of the facts, and ensure that those who responsible are punished” explained Cristiano in his statement.

Yesterday afternoon, 14 April 2010, Cristiano made a statement denying the false reports from the Telecinco, ”Save Me” .”It has come to my attention that the program Save me from the Telecinco Spanish television have made some references to alleged party at my house, one on Friday before the match against Barcelona, last until 5 a.m and another on the same day, Saturday night, adorned with various comments intolerable and discredit my dignity and professionalism.I deny these allegations, it was completely false and delusional, far from the truth. With a game in the next day it’s obvious that I spent Friday and Saturday night, resting. My spirit is anything but festive.”

This is not the first time he got accused on being a ”Party boy”. Last year, he was falsely accused on having a party with girls on the night club, drinking alcohol, and dancingwhile he was still on a medical treatment for his injury.He then sued the magazine, Nova Gente, won, and donate all the money to Casa do Gil, a project home for children.


Cristiano Ronaldo Cancels Celebrations After El Clasico Loss

cristian-in-training-4Cristiano Ronaldo was hoping to win El Clasico and blow the League. There were several players who had reserved tables in some restaurants in the capital of Spain to go and celebrate their triumph with family and friends after.Among them were Cristiano Ronaldo, Guti, and Real Madrid Coach Manuel Pellegrini.

However, Los Blancos El Clasico defeat let them cancel their reservations, which had all been made hours before the match. Instead, Real Madrid’s team members spent a miserable night – each of them leaving the stadium and going their own way.

Here is a picture of the Txistu restaurant, where Cristiano Ronaldo was supposed to dine after Saturday’s match.
But the table at Txistu, Cristiano favorite restaurant, was subsequently taken by a group of Real Madrid fans who had traveled from Coruna to witness the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match. They were lucky enough to get Cristiano canceled table.

The Portuguese star winger had not recovered yet from his side’s heavy setback following the loss against Barcelona. Cristiano Ronaldo just left his mansion to eat dinner at a friend’s house.
Today Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Valdebebas for a training session with the rest of the Real Madrid players. The team is preparing for their next La Liga match against Almeria.