Real Madrid teammates back Cristiano Ronaldo

With a must-win match on Saturday against Sevilla and a 5-point deficit already racked up against league rivals Barcelona, Real Madrid have no room for mistakes.

And they haven’t made any so far when it comes to Ronaldo’s happiness this season – with Cristiano helping Portugal to consecutive World Cup 2014 qualifying wins, the Real Madrid returned to Madrid with a fresh vow to commit himself fully to the club and to help them defend their league title.


”I would like to reaffirm, without being concerned about contracts, that my focus is solely on winning every game and every available trophy with the essential company of my teammates and all Madridistas.”

His teammates have come out to support him, mindful that they need to present a united front against a press eager to find any signs of weakness.

Iker Casillas:

”For Madrid, for the players as much as the fans, it is an authentic pleasure to have Cristiano here. And for Cristiano, it is a luxury to wear the jersey of the best club in the world. We all benefit. Madrid fans are demanding, but they are that way about everyone.”

Sevilla have a win and two draws to start the season, but Madrid will be hoping that they can deliver them their first defeat and keep the difference with Barcelona down to 5 points before the first Clasico this season on October 7th.

Despite their irregular start to the season Madrid are still considered the bookmakers’ favourites for the Sevilla game, just as they are odds-on favourites for every La Liga game that doesn’t involve Barcelona. You can visit the Paddy Power Mobile app for more up to date information on the latest football odds, as well as a variety of casino games for you.

El Clasico Review : FC Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid (21 April 2012)La liga

Tonight’s El Clasico at Camp Nou has ended with Real Madrid’s victory of 2-1. Now, Madrid is 7 points ahead Barcelona in the league standings. In other words, the Spanish league title is already in Real Madrid’s hand.

Ok, now back to the game. Since early of the match, Barcelona carried their usual tiki-taka style, while the visitor prefered a defense strategy. Fortsätt läsa El Clasico Review : FC Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid (21 April 2012)La liga

Pictures and Video : Cristiano Ronaldo vs FC Barcelona Copa Clasico Second Leg (25 January 2012)

cristianoronaldo el clasicoImpressive performance from Cristiano Ronaldo last night has awarded him with his first goal at Camp Nou.

On the second leg of Copa Clasico, Real Madrid was left behind with 2 goals from Barcelona at the first half. However at the second half, the White team started a fast manouver to strikes Barcelona.

Real Madrid was finally able to score through Ramos header, but the ref disallowed the goal unfairly. At minute 68th, Ronaldo brought hope for the team with his goal, followed by Karim Benzema goal 4 minutes later. Madrid kept pushing Barcelona to the edge, as the host looked miserable. Barca then rely on the referee to get the advantage on stopping Madrid’s move, with Sergio Ramos second yellow card 5 minutes before the match ended. Ramos received the card for making a save and clean challenge over Busquets. It was clearly a wrong judgement from the ref.

With the tie result of 2-2, Barcelona finally made it to the Copa del Rey semi-final.

To watch CR goal , just click the link below :

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal vs Barcelona Copa Clasico Second Leg Match (25 January 2012)