Strange! Ronaldo’s Ankle Swallowed Again; Real Madrid Comeback To Be Delayed

Injured Ronaldo has help from the doctorsJust as it looked like Ronaldo was going to return on the field of play to help the struggling Blancos, things have gone worse – only to add to Real Madrid’s misery.

Fresh reports indicate that Cristiano Ronaldo will certainly not make his desired comeback against AC Milan in the Champions League on November 3.

It seemed like ‘CR9’ was on the brink of full fitness. However, something strange is now tormenting the player. Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle has reportedly swallowed again and this means that he will need another check up (in a week’s time) before being given the right to play for Real Madrid.

Los Blancos are currently suffering from immense pressure. Their draw against Sporting Gijon and their three defeats against Sevilla, AC Milan, and minnows Alcorcon respectively has put the team and the manager, Manuel Pellegrini, in a difficult situation.

Cristiano Ronaldo surely needs to return for the Spanish Giants, but how long will it take before he makes his come back?

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    • Derbyanabella
      29th October 2009

      I don’t know what 2 say anymore…such a tragedy, for both CR ‘n Madrid. My heart is trying NOT 2 believe that there’s a curse behind those condition, but my mind feels differently….I wonder…..

    • Ronaldo’s No#1 fan
      30th October 2009

      omg!!!!!!whatever happened i hate paris hilton…..she’s witch!!!!!im’s soooo sad because Ronnie can’t play but i hope he will recover soon….

    • cristiana ronaldo79***
      1st November 2009

      very shocking news…omg!!!
      my fav player cristinano what has happened to u??:(
      kis ne nazr lagadi mere ronaldo ko??:( nai it cant be

    • rom
      1st November 2009

      The biggest mistake you made is you left Man United, you decided to join Real…big mistake..u
      gave money precedence over glory…hope you get well soon…

    • soccerbabe3
      2nd November 2009

      well i know he’s gonna pull through maybe it gives him a lil of a break and everyone needs to relax he’ll be back on his feet in no time,just takes time not everyone is perfect!!!! as much as i miss watching him play i rather him rest his foot out then keep playing on it and do something wrose and never play again…so i rather have him rest up and enjoy and relax as much as he can cuz when hes back hes gonna have to prove why he got paid 80million to play with Real Madrid!!!!!! wish him the best and hope hes doing well

    • rNAAil
      4th November 2009

      Cristiano can you come back to help ur struglling teammates they need u to be back at the pitch at santiago bernabeu’

    • Melvyn
      21st November 2009

      I hope they amputate his foot


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