Ronaldo’s Recovery Delayed By Bone Edema – No Improvement, No Football Return.

Cristiano Ronaldo receiving help from Deportivo La Coruna's Ze CastroWhat seemed strange a week ago is beginning to be alarming for us, fans of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Real Madrid forward – who was subject to a curse from a voodoo priest believed to be Pepe “The Wizard” – is not expected to return to action as soon as it was expected.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle injury, which he sustained against Marseille, is showing no signs of recovery lately and it is understood that the player will have to wait much longer before being declared fit.

On Wednesday, it was believed that Cristiano Ronaldo might feature against Atletico Madrid this weekend for Real Madrid.

Now, the Spanish giants have affirmed that the world’s most expensive footballer will not play until he reaches his full level of fitness.

According to reports, Cristiano Ronaldo is not even fit to train with the Real Madrid squad.

“After examining the progress of Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury today, it was determined that there’s been no clinical improvement of the bone edema in the centre of his right ankle.

“Therefore, the player [Cristiano Ronaldo] cannot begin training. He must continue treatment and relief work until another examination is carried out.”

Instead of staying in the Spanish capital to watch Real Madrid’s derby clash against Atletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderon this coming Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo will travel to the Netherlands as he pursues his fitness program.

The 24-year-old needs to recover from his sprain ankle which has been aggravated by the existence of a bone edema on the talus bone of his right foot.

In Amsterdam, Cristiano Ronaldo will follow the instructions of Dr. Niek van Dijk who is an ankle specialist.

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    • soccerbabe3
      5th November 2009

      dam thats a trip!!!!!!!! i just wanna see him back in action agian but im willing to wait and see him come back to full recovery instead of seeing him hurt……..

    • BaDeR ..kwt
      5th November 2009

      oOoOooH sHeeeeeeeeeeeeeT i Hope i Hope see HiM coMe Back as sooN as possiBLe iNsHaLLaa .. TeLL wiTH Me iNsHaLLaaaaa

    • Derbyanabella
      6th November 2009

      Oh, no. His injury does seems to b serious. Because talus bone area is a critical bone of an ankle joint, it connect the leg and the foot, and control the upward and downward moves, which means for a football player it’s a FATAL problem. I hope there’s no bone fracture there, cause it’s hard to be fix when ur bone already broken. It won’t b back 2 normal again. (God, please no)The good thing is, It has nothing 2 do with the curse, this condition is normal for an athlete, and could happen 2 any of the player. I’m worried, ……

    • Angela Asante
      6th November 2009

      Well, it’s worse than we think. Ronaldo will even be out for up to 1 month!!!! Hmmmm… 🙁 🙁
      No World Cup play-offs for Ronaldo. At least, Portugal must qualify.

      Hopefully, Ronaldo will be at the World Cup in June-July.

    • paola
      6th November 2009

      i hope ronaldo come back soon !!!! the team i’snt the same without him ….. he is just the best !!!!!!!

    • Angela Asante
      6th November 2009

      Heyyyyy, who are those three people who voted for “WHATEVER THE CASE IS, I’M HAPPY TO SEE RONALDO SUFFERING”?

      I understand that some Anti-Ronaldo supporters landed in our Cristiano Ronaldo Fan territory in attempt to hi-jack us, huh!


      No, really, so people are happy over the suffering of someone? Anyway, I hate Messi but I’d feel neither sad nor happy if he were to have an injury. I’ll just think: “Mhm, over to him. Let’s just focus on Ronaldo’s success!” and that’s all.


    • miho
      7th November 2009

      <is that 94 million worth ??
      His old club (Man U) and manager decided the value.
      and do you mean 94 million payer never get injury??? He is a human….
      I hope he will recover soon.

    • Orhan
      7th November 2009

      miss him..!!!!

    • Burrito
      12th November 2009

      Ronaldo te quiero chupar la bergota papi chulo…estas bien cute

    • lupano
      12th November 2009

      praaa!!!! cristianazo te quiero cojer


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