Ronaldo’s girlfriend in topless scandal

Topless pictures of Nereida Gallardo, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, have leaked out in brittish press. The Sun newspaper published photos of her together with two friends, semi-naked at a nightclub toilet.

Will this effect Ronaldo’s preparation for the Euro 2008?


    • me
      29th May 2008

      OMG she is such a *****

    • G-olda
      30th May 2008

      That photo really say a lot about this girl, that is not classy, she acts like a *****!

      Ronaldo deserves better, but he is the one dating her, it really shows what kind of person he is when he is dating a girl like that!

    • Kadir
      30th May 2008

      You are the best player i have ever seen in my life!!!!. And no one is better than you. Your dribblings are great to see. And your style is like mine. So i wish you good luck!!! in the EURO 2008 in switzerland. And one thing i want to say: Your Girlfriend is very beautiful. I will support you everytime. ciao

    • tommy
      31st May 2008

      i think she should me more careful next time out. Not nice for her reputation….

    • Magda
      31st May 2008

      well good maybe cristiano will dump dat whore

    • The Cristiano Ronaldo Supporter
      1st June 2008

      The girl is amazing! but she should respect Cristiano, I mean, Ronaldo you can have much more girls, not such a ******

    • Gergana Rumenova Gancheva
      1st June 2008

      I think that he not desert that woman,and I hope to not have tay with her.Realy if I was be on her plese will be best him wife and woman and anything who he want on all.I’m on Bulgaria and wach evary him mach,but I hope someday to met him and to sey how mach love him!Real and very!

    • jay
      3rd June 2008

      yo ronnie your the bst footie player i ave ever seen in my life and you dribble so like me in a way .Oh and by the way ur gf is beautiful so i am supporting so all the way in ur life and in switzerland .cmon portugal…and come on ronnie

    • jay
      3rd June 2008

      dont listen to all them hoes that are dissin ur bird you do whats best for you go ronaldo

    • praty
      7th June 2008

      no…i just can’t believe it.i thought he was intelligent enough to choose the right girl..i mean iam 8 years younger than him,i,
      kinda have feelings for him.she reminds me of
      a sweeper.

    • Nadia (South Africa)
      12th June 2008

      I think she is skanky…for any woman to do that even in the name of FUN is shameless. Especially when you dating an international star…are you really willing to jeopardise your relationship???

    • vicky
      12th June 2008

      hi ya i think she should be more careful shame that the british press had to print pictures havent they got fuck all else to print as far as i am concerned they should not have realised those pictures. appartly i read in the daily mirror nereida smokes and that is something that cristiano hates and she is desperate to settle down and the daily mirror have given her five stars.i think that she is gaggin to settle down with him when he has got other things on is mind like concentrating on his caeer apart from settling down with her.

    • Karin
      12th June 2008

      Amm….are you sure you want to marry this woman? You should think twince about this…:P hihihi

    • Christina
      18th June 2008

      Hey 1st of all I would like say Well Done to Cristiano 4 doing such a good work and good luck for the qf and the Euro Cup 2008 I really think there`s abig chance for Portugal!!!!Go Portugal….And 2nd of all Cristiano isn`t a young boy he knows more than us what he should do with his gf so we can respect him for not givin titles to his gf…Goodluck 4 the future and cya soon in Malta for the match…xxxx

  • cristiano ronaldo naked

    • kaka
      7th July 2008

      break your relationship with her c ronaldo many women still live and like ronaldo

    • Charlene
      15th July 2008

      I know this topic is on Nereida Gallardo and her semi-naked scandel at a nightclub, but I also knows she does topless modeling!
      He might thinks he loves her, but if they happen to get married..Personally there’s no way their gonna last! Topless Modeling goes way out of the questions it’s totally skanky! And if Ronaldo don’t mind knowing his girlfriends breast are gonna be exposed to the world and she does this to get money, then he might be a great footballer, but yet brainless to know she’ll do anything for MONEY!

    • miss ronaldo
      16th July 2008

      geuss what gurls…cristiano ronaldo has dumped nereida…auuw how sad…but anyways hes a single man now hint hint.
      he possibly dumped nereida because of the transfer to real madrid- sergio ramos had previously slept with nereida so of he were to move they would clash lol.
      good thinking ronaldo!!
      x x x

    • miss cr7^,^
      24th July 2008

      u r definitely got a wroooooong girl…she’s such a b***h…she’s not the one 4 u…she doesn’t even deserve u at all…u can get better girl than her…waaaaay better…ditch the b***h…i prefer schweinski’s gf(schweinstieger+podolski)..they r beautiful+nice girls…

    • kavindran
      18th October 2008

      hiii,Boss:plsss cal me to tis no,0166255274…Plzzz once u read tis message plzz cal me,….im realii ur best fan…

    • gemma
      19th October 2008

      im a massive manchester united fan.your a well top class player.but i like rooney.
      my year old daughter likes you tho.she goes crazy when she watches u when u play.she runs round the room shouting yer ronaldo yer.

    • TAMASA
      26th December 2008

      That’s too bad!Its relly shameful to know that such a succesful player’s girlfriend is involved in such a shameful issue!

    • avishek13united
      24th March 2009

      C.Ronaldo is the best footballer in the whole world. His fans are all my friends.

    • elika
      8th April 2009

      cristiano ronaldo:just:i love you

    • ?E?????O?
      30th May 2009

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