Ronaldo’s Accused Souleymane Diawara: No Regrets, I’d Tackle Ron The Same Way

Souleymane Diawara chases Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Champions LeagueThe man who is guilty of Cristiano Ronaldo’s frustrating ankle injury, Marseille’s defender Souleymane Diawara, has spoken. But his words might sound nasty in the ears of Cristiano Ronaldo fans around the world…

“I would re-do the challenge on Cristiano Ronaldo,” Souleymane Diawara told AS.

“The game is like that and I would not hesitate to do it again.”

According to Souleymane Diawara, the explanation to his statement comes from the fact that his challenge on Cristiano Ronaldo was fair.

He declared:

“It is true that I went into the tackle hard and fast. But television pictures show that I played the ball.”

Souleymane Diawara certainly omitted to accept the fact that one of his foot heavily stamped on Cristiano Ronaldo’s right ankle – which created the injury that Ronaldo is now carrying.

Is Souleymane Diawara trying to take the pressure off him as the wicked dude behind Ronaldo’s suffering?
Is he actually an unrepentant accused?

Does his opinion of redoing this tackle on Cristiano Ronaldo make sense to you fans of Cristiano Ronaldo?

In my poll this weekend, I ask you:

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    • soccerbabe3
      7th November 2009

      am pretty sure if ronaldo was in his postion he would of said and done the same thing…. soccer is a crazy sport and things happen sometimes to the most amazing players like ive said in the past noone is superman everyone has there ups and downs!!!!! am sure cristiano is pissed but he cant do anything the past is the past he just has to look foward to the postive things in life

    • Derbyanabella
      9th November 2009

      Hmm…I think Diawara was trying to get everybody’s attention on him instead of Ron….Poor guy, if it wasn’t for his horrible tackled on Ron, nobody would ever mentioned his name. He didn’t even feel sorry for Ron, well, ever heard about his quotation that Ron could blame him for his injury? Well, I think he lied, he didn’t really meant it that way. I hate that guy….!!!


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