Ronaldo wishes to make dream move

Cristiano Ronaldo has made his clearest indication yet that he wishes to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid, saying it will be a “dream move” for him.

Reading into his comments after Portugal’s exit from Euro 2008, it seems Ronaldo has listened to outgoing Portugal coach Scolari rather than Alex Ferguson on his burning desire to join Real Madrid.

There is no doubt the Ronaldo and Ferguson relationship has soured. Those joyous scenes of them hugging and celebrating after winning the Champions League seem a far distant memory. Who would have thought just a short period after this Ferguson and Manchester Utd would contemplate putting the player in the stands rather than sell him on.

But this is no ordinary player. This is the most coveted player in the world today. And in Manchester’s treatment of him they may have forgotten this might tip him over the edge and make Real’s interest in him more attractive to a footballer who it seems has had enough of being sheided and protected by Ferguson in particular.

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    • Ita O’Hanlon
      23rd June 2008

      Why did you sign a long term contract with Man Utd, that you had no intention of honouring? I think you have behaved disgracefully since the champions league final. I have been a Man Utd supporter long before you were born, I did respect what you did for the club, but I have absolutely no respect for you whatsoever as a person. Your dream is millions of euro dancing before your eyes, trophies mean nothing to you. If they did, you wouldn’t be planning to walk out on Utd


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