Ronaldo, weak in the big games?

A lot of experts admit that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world. However it’s still a fact that he is having a hard time in the really big matches. Remember the European Championship final 2004 against Greece or the World-Cup semi against France 2006?.

Also, he have never scored against Chelsea and in the last 20 league matches against Liverpool and Chelsea he has just scored one goal, that was in April beating Liverpool.

We believe that he has grown up at this point and will score at least one goal against Chelsea in the Champions League final. What’s your opinion?

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    • Mike
      9th May 2008

      you can’t make comments about him being the best player in the world now and then refer to games he played in 2004 and 2006. He has matured a lot since then.

      And surely Ronaldo hasn’t played in 20 league matches against Liverpool and Chelsea??

    • Moeed Khan
      10th May 2008

      Its true that Cristiano does not show his mark in the big games but now he has matured and is showing his true colours against top teams.Also the opposition puts a lot of pressure on good players…take an example of Ronaldinho in the champions league final of 2006…he was not the same one that day.One should let the ball do the talking,not the player.

    • mafhara.a
      12th May 2008

      a few years back he was not the complete player yet but u cant say ronaldo shy’s away from big games he good pleyers sumtyms hav bad games and ronaldo is no exception . He will score more and more in the future against the big teams and i also hope he scores and wins the champions league for us man utd fans

    • Lekan owoeye
      14th May 2008

      Hi my golding yung player,what i have to tell u is about win blues in mosco and i trust u ,u won’t disappoint ur fans.god will bless u


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