Ronaldo to lead Portugal against Sweden on Saturday

Cristiano Ronaldo will lead Portugal on Saturday for their crucial encounter against Sweden. The Portuguese haven’t been impressive since the 2006 World Cup in Germany.
Entertaining performances against Turkey and the Czech Republic were all what Portuguese Fans could cheer about.

(Click on “Read more” to see Portugal’s last international game highlights, played on February 11th against Finland)

Skipper Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to power his team to an imperative victory. The talismanic number 7 didn’t hide his discontentment at his team’s embarrassing situation while speaking to reporters ahead of Saturday’s qualifier:

“It’s not a tranquil team, as the results haven’t been those we want,” Ronaldo explained.

The Seleccaos are on the brink of loosing out from a place in the finals. Failing to win in Porto this weekend will meen just that.

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • enxhi
      26th March 2009

      Portugal will win……Forzza portugal and ronaldoooooooooooooo

    • Diana
      26th March 2009

      Really hope Cris and Portugal make through! Love your Cris <3!

    • Admin
      27th March 2009

      Yeah, Portugal need to trounce Sweden 3-0 at least, to ensure fans that they’ve considerably backed up from their unconvincing form.

      The reason to Portugal’s poor performances is the team’s mentality.
      Cristiano Ronaldo has constantly been accused of underperforming in the Portuguese national team. Well, I can say that it’s wrong. Firstly, forget about Euro 2008; he was carrying an injury.

      Ronaldo would dribble, tease, pass… His team mates would disappointingly waste all the balls. The thing is that they are like “Ronaldo is there, he should score”. But football isn’t like that. It’s a team game and not a one-man game although I agree that every big team has his Star Man.

      It’s time for them to change their mentality. This isn’t football. Everyone must take his responsabilities; that’s why Man United are so successful. They believe in each other’s mental and physical strenght.

      Portugal’s team spirit is more than weak!!!

      Go Ronaldo, Forza Portugal!!!!!


    • Adrian
      30th March 2009

      He will lead Portugal in the Cm 2010,no doubt of that.He still is the best player in the world.Forget about Messi…Ronaldo is the best,He will lead Portugal to Cm 2010 and beat Messi`s Argentina

    • Admin
      30th March 2009


      Portugal v Argentina for the World Cup semis will be super… with Ronaldo beating Messi off, of course.

      But it’s a big dream yet to come true!



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