Ronaldo: There will be news in 2-3 weeks

Speculations about Ronaldo’s future is still out there. Cristiano Ronaldo who has joined up with the rest of the Portugal squad at their training camp, preparing for Euro 2008, once again speaks out about the rumours:
“What the press speculate about goes over my head,” Ronaldo said. “I have already been used to it for the past two years.

“I am calm. Everything’s clear and I will repeat it once again so that the whole world understands: there will be news in two or three weeks.

“At the moment I am here, I am going to give my best and do the best possible in the European Championships.”

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    • Monica 08
      27th May 2008

      How come Cristiano Ronaldo adds to the speculation by saying “2 or 3 weeks?” Right now he’s with the Portugal national team in the Viseu training camp and most of the news needs to focus on the team’s chances of at least getting to the UEFA EURO 2008 final and his responsibility as one of the 5 captains.

    • Anna
      30th May 2008

      cristiano ronaldo you are a good soccer player and you konw how to move anywhere and you make a goal the announcer screams and they will say “gooooooooal”


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