Ronaldo takes 3rd in World Player awards

AC Milan’s Kaka was crowned as Fifa’s World Player of the Year, with Messi 2nd and Ronaldo 3rd. The award is voted on by all national team managers and captains.

Ronaldo didn’t have fate on his side as the award has never been won by a premiership player. Along with this he has had a lack of star performances on the biggest stage.

Ronaldo commented on the nomination: “I was so pleased when I got nominated. The first thing I did was tell the people closest to me.

“It’s a real honour for me to be considered one of the three best players in the world.”

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    • emmanuel castellon
      1st February 2008

      that is hella dumb cristiano ronaldo should have one the best player in the world u dont see kaka breaking 3 people at the same time and scoring almost every game dats allright though cuz he young and he is gonna win it the next 3 years to come


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