Ronaldo stays in Manchester United – the saga is closed

Looking at the last headline ‘Ronaldo almost in Real’, this one seems to explain that the Portuguese has completed a move from Manchester United to Real Madrid. However, this suggestion is totally wrong!

According to Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, Ronaldo is going nowhere and will remain a Red Devil player this upcoming season.

At a press conference on Tuesday morning, the manager seemed more than confident over Ronaldo’s future, which is said to be in England. The Scottish man aimed to put an end to all kind of speculations saying that the saga was closed.

…And has he succeeded?

Well this declaration, on one hand, may effectively announce the conclusion of the transfer saga. On the other hand, it may only describe Ferguson’s wish to stamp his authority in this game of resistance against Calderon’s Madrid.

Whichever is the truth, Manchester United now looks to have only one worry: Ronaldo’s fitness. The club is already thinking of helping Ronaldo recover of his ankle injury.

Presently, Ronaldo doesn’t want to make any comment about his future, but if it is true that the saga is closed, then Alex Ferguson can relish his victory over the Spanish Giants.

Congrats to the Scottish man, then!

However, the debate about slavery will rise again if Ronaldo confesses one more time that he wants to quit England for good.

Written by:Angela Asante

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    • tara aranes
      7th August 2008

      i think that it is vital that ronaldo stays at manchester united, he is their key player and will be loosing out if he leaves. why would someone want to leave the best team in the world???

    • toha
      7th August 2008

      i think that cris her place in real madrid.

    • Caren
      15th August 2008

      Perhaps he is thinking with his trousers and not his head? If he signed for Real he would be closer to that Italian feline whatever her name is…
      If he used the sense God gave him he would stay here to help defend the Premier League and the Champions League title that TEAM Man United worked so hard to get. Everyone forgets there are 10 other players on the field without them he would be nothing.


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