Ronaldo, like Pele or Maradona?

Fergie looks to have fallen in love with Cristiano Ronaldo’s amazing style of play. It’s like the old Scot cannot retain himself from praising his instrumental winger.
Recently, he went as far as declaring that Ronaldo could develop into a legend as great as Brazil’s Pele or Argentina’s Maradona.

“Cristiano is superb,” declared the Scottish boss speaking to

“He has timing getting into the box, ability with two feet – and you would never associate a Portuguese winger with such magnificent ability in the air. He is like an old fashioned centre forward.

“There are a lot of things in his favour to go on and become a legend. The answers will come in the next few years.”

“When you have a star like this, a young player with such huge potential, they normally make an impact very early – which is what Cristiano has done,” Ferguson continued.

“Pele scored in a World Cup semi-final as a 17-year-old. Maradona played for his country at 17. Cristiano was 18. All the signs are the same.”

“What you don’t know about him, but can say about Maradona and Pele, is that their careers lasted for a number of years,” said Ferguson.

Maybe all the signs are the same, but not everyone believes that Ronaldo could reach Pele or Maradona’s standard. Some simply think that Ronaldo doesn’t perform at his highest level with his country Portugal who recently suffered a humiliating 6-2 defeat in the hands of Brazil.

But Ferguson has other opinions when it comes to Ronaldo‘s failure to achieve anything with his country:

“Pele played in two World Cup finals, as did Maradona. Maybe Portugal do not have the profile to get to World Cup finals, the same as Brazil and Argentina – so you have to judge him a different way.”

Have your say! Send your comments over Ferguson’s statements. Let me know whether you think Ronaldo could be a great figure like Pele or Maradona.

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Diana
      22nd December 2008

      His almost there! All he needs to do to legitimize his legend statues is win something big with Portugal, which they can if they try a little bit more harder.

    • kira
      23rd December 2008

      maybe he will maybe he wont..
      im sure hope he will………
      just work harder n harder n improve his personality..

    • Admin
      23rd December 2008

      Very good, Diana and Kira! Thanks for your comments.
      You guys out there must follow these two girls’ motivation. Inform yourself, and share your opinions now!

      On the CRF website, it’s freedom to express yourself!!


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