Ronaldo left in the sidelines of love

Break UpCristiano Ronaldo has broken up his relationship with Nereida Gallardo! …at least, this is what rumours claim.

It is believed that the Portuguese star’s holiday trip in Sardinia with the model is the last he will ever have with her. Meanwhile, in an interview with a Spanish journalist, Nereida denied the fact that Ronaldo had “dumped” her.

She said that her boyfriend had phoned her in the morning and that he sounded sweet and kind as always. She added that he even told her the three words ‘I love you’ and that she replied the same to him.

So what is the true side of the story? Well, perhaps Ronaldo is just sulking Nereida for some time. After all, he did not seem impressed by the girls in Los Angeles and even less by American actress Paris Hilton, who couldn’t get her eyes from Ronaldo. She did try to catch his attention in a voguish bar in Hollywood as she went onto his table, bumping her chest to attract him.. But the Portuguese star simply turned his back and left. Sorry, Paris! Cutie Ronaldo prefers brown-haired women.

He is known as womaniser having dated a whole lot of girls including Spanish pop singer Nuria Bermudez and Spanish model Merche Romero. Consequently, now that it is seems Ronaldo is in “the sidelines of love,” it will be no news if he finally or officially ‘dumps’ Nereida Gallardo. What people are just wondering about is, “Who will be the next chick to hook up with Cristiano Ronaldo?” Another glamorous Spanish girl?

Who knows, it could even be an English woman like M. Bean’s daughter Gemma whom he previously dated. ‘Like Beckham, like Ronaldo’ is the new expression everyone is saying when it comes to analysing Ronaldo’s future, so this suggestion is more or less a possibility since Beckham’s wife – Victoria – is English.

Either way, people claim Ronaldo chose Nereida as his girlfriend with the purpose of wanting to live a Spanish life. If indeed he ends up hooking with an English lady, it could have an influence on his career plans.

Once again, there may be twists in Ronaldo’s professional life as regards to the transfer saga.

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • rosalia
      27th October 2008

      gooooooooooodbay nerieda

    • rosalia
      27th October 2008

      cristiano Iam sorry about that and if you want to chooce some girl you should feal her not to look at what beauteful shes her and i dont mean that you are shalow person,,,,, gooood luck and send my hay for your family by the way I start to learn portuguese language

    • Lydia trisha Govender
      13th January 2009

      cristiano ,you needsometime for yourself, this is completely insane.wats up with all the girls,hun i know being popular is a hard life to live coz you have people always writing about you or taking out photos,why dont you just try and be yourself,just stay the way your mum brought you up, i think she did a fantastic job.
      Dont try to live a spanish life or only date models,actresses hun,or try to be like other famous soccer players. theres so many beautiful women or girls out there.Get to know them first before getting yourself into serious relationships.okay and again i say ask God for guidance.God Bless


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