Ronaldo left door opens to Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo has hinted he could leave Manchester United after next week’s Champions League final, British media reported.

As we have reported earlier he has been linked with Real Madrid several times and now for the first time he explain the situation in his own words in an interview with Daily Telegraph.

“I am happy here but let’s see what happens after the Champions League final”.

“I have said millions of times that I would love to play in Spain but it’s one thing to dream and another thing for it to be reality.”

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    • cheese
      16th May 2008

      well, look at michael owen or david beckham, they probably aren’t as good as ronaldo, but they are top class players, lets start with owen
      he had it all in liverpool, everyone thought he was the one, he moved to real madrid, got very few games in, then he wanted to go back, and guess what? liverpool proved they didn’t need him by winning in europe, so they refused to get him back, then he moved to newcastle and lets face it, they aren’t in the same standard as liverpool, no matter who the manager is.

      with david beckham he moved to real, think he wasn’t given many games, even though at the time he was englands best, and then he moved to la galaxy, pretty much a shit club(he needs to move to an english club, derby is better than galaxy)

      so i think that is probably going to happen with ronaldo if he moves to real, cos they already have robinho, hes going to be a sub and get very few full games in, its going to be like owen, beckham, and most likely as bad as henrys decision

      man u have 4 or 2 years with him anyway, and in 4 years, who knows, real madrid might get bankrupt or he will stop doing tricks and stuff


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