Ronaldo deal to Real Madrid almost done?!!!

If Pedro Trapote’s comment that a deal was in place to sign Ronaldo next summer seemed nasty for Ferguson, it doesn’t look so untrue for the public and the media, especially now.

During the Fifa Player of the Year Gala ceremony in Zurich on Monday, the media inevitably turned their attention on the recent transfer rumors involving the player, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

According to reports, Florentino Perez is believed to have set up an agreement for the transfer of Ronaldo – something which could help him regain the presidency at Madrid.

However, Ronaldo dismissed the rumors saying:

“My agent does not have an agreement with Florentino Pérez,” as a deal has rather been made with Calderon.

Speaking to Sky Sports, agent Balague gave details of the deal:

He explained: “Ramon Calderon, I understand, has got an agreement with the player. He is going to play €12 million to Cristiano Ronaldo, €8m to Jorge Mendes, the agent, and they’ve got €85m – which will go up to €105m – to pay Manchester United.

“All that doesn’t mean there’s any agreement between the clubs. Still, I put all these things to high standing figures at Real Madrid, and they all came out with the same answer: ‘We’re not going to deny this, we’re not going to say that it’s true, but you’re on the right path’.”

“It’s a verbal agreement and I think there will be a punishment though, if it doesn’t get respected in the summer,” Balague continued.

“It’s up to Manchester United to accept or, as they did in the summer, not accept any kind of deal. What is strange that, if Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t want to leave Manchester United, why is his agent agreeing things with Real Madrid?

“I know Sir Alex Ferguson is going to be upset.”

Certainly, the old Scot wouldn’t stand another proposition from Real Madrid to take away his number 7 ace.
Now, it’s just not only that!

It appears like Cristiano Ronaldo already has one foot in Madrid after the player sent the tag ‘CR9’ to the copyright office in Portugal last month.
Ronaldo’s current brand is ‘CR7’, meaning Cristiano Ronaldo 7 – which is his name in addition with his club and country number.

The fact that ‘CR9’ can now be used on merchandise somehow explains that Ronaldo may move to Madrid sooner than later, as the Galaticos’ current number 9, Javier Saviola, is expected to leave the club after failing to impress since signing from Barcelona.

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • KendRa
      15th January 2009

      Fine FIne FInnnnnee

    • Nadeem
      15th January 2009

      m a diehard fan of RONALDO>………..RONALDO RULZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!

    • Nadeem
      15th January 2009


    • tadjeddine
      18th January 2009

      you are very good player woild you come to play in algeria there is lot of money in the national team of algeria

    • amber guest
      19th January 2009

      Oh my god :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O oh my ngod you look propaa fit TBH !!! I Love you like LOADS !!!!
      number ohne fan ,. amber guest (:
      il.ovbe you

    • Leonit
      25th January 2009

      ohhhh noooo Don’t go please pleasee you are very good in Manchester.if you Go you karier is lost please don’t go you are Perfect Player..! LOVE YOU RONALDO LOVE YOU MANCHESTER UNITED.. love from KOSOVO..!

    • ogunleye adeyemi
      2nd May 2009

      as for me i dont want ronaldo to go becos he is really trying for manchester united with some goals and i wish he can still do more better than he has done before


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