CRF’s Competition officially launched: Who is Ronaldo’s Best Fan of the Year in the world?

After seven months being a writer on this super site and having read over 100 comments, I, J’Lah, thought of creating the first ever Best Ronaldo Fan of the Year competition.
Among the 2,000 members that we have and the 50,000 unique viewers that click on our site each month, five names come to my mind when I think of who deserves to be CRF’s best fan of the year.


This guy had not been writing comments often for too long on our site… I just noticed him in January, I think. But his enthusiasm – revealed through his recent numerous comments – has caught my attention, and this, in my opinion, makes him a deserved strong contender for CRF’s best fan of the year.


Getoar Gashi is almost an everyday commentator on this site. He simply wants to let the world know how much he thinks Cristiano Ronaldo is a living legend. When there is only one comment on a story, you’ll bet it is from Getoar Gashi!


She’s such a serious contender in the nomination for CRF’s best fan of the year! Also known as “Ronaldo’s sister” Cristiana Ronalda, Enxhi has made herself heard on several occasions both in Spanish and in English, complimenting and advising her favorite footballer and “brother” Cristiano Ronaldo.


What more can I say about this lady? She is simply phenomenal! Always ready to explain her thoughts in an interesting manner, which brings more life to the website. I have the feeling she is responding like she is being interviewed. Great!

Ulrik Fredrik

He has posted some lovely comments about the site. Thanks a lot for your sincere thoughts, Riky! He also opens the window to more discussion by adding a link to his name which directs us to his excellent blog called Man U Sing.

These are my five favorite contenders for this year’s Cristiano Ronaldo Best Fan of the Year Award.

Is there anyone who wants to make himself or herself heard as this site’s best fan? Then post your comment describing why YOU should be considered as Ronaldo’s best fan in the world on our website. Don’t just say it like that, explain why! So hurry, because we’ll be announcing the winner on April 3, 2009!

As for the rest of the viewers who don’t feel special enough to be considered as Ronaldo’s best fan in the world, cast your vote and say who do you think should be nominated as this year’s Best Ronaldo fan.
You can send a short comment starting by “the best fan is…” with the name of your preferred winner.

Important Notice: This rule applies to all those who vote for “Someone Else” in the voting poll. Remember that you will have to write a comment stating who should win. If you think that it’s you, you must send a comment with your full name in it (because I’ll need it to put it on the Award Certificate in case you win), explaining why you are the best.

The winner of this competition will receive an official Award Certificate from the CRF site directly mailed into his inbox which he or she may then print out and conserve as a souvenir and an achievement!

The winner of this award will be portrayed as a real Superstar on our website, just like Ronaldo! He or she will have an interview directed by me through chatting. The full interview will then be published on the site for everyone to read and see how it is like to be considered as Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Fan in the whole world on our CRF Site.

Don’t worry too much if you come in second place in this competition! You’ll receive consolation by having an interview with me which will also be posted on the CRF Site.

Make yourself heard; grab this opportunity of having the prestigious title of ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’s Fan of the Year winner’!

Come on, let J’Lah understand that you are reliable members and serious Cristiano Ronaldo fans!!!

Written by: Angela Asante


    • Adrian
      3rd March 2009

      Wow..But honestly, this should not be so competitive…We all commented because we are true Cr7 fans,and we did that with pleasure…
      All the participants at this event are determined to win.
      Hey you had said that you noticed me from January,hey thats when i found the site,and from then i visit the site 2-3 daily,i like commenting your posts Angela,and hear other fans opinion.

    • Diana
      3rd March 2009

      LOL, wow thank you so much Angela for including me in the top five contenders. It means so much to me, so again thanks. Even if I don’t win, it’s still a pleasure and an honor to be nominated. Though it’s not hard to comment and be involved in this wonderful site. With positive and involved members like Adrian & Getoar, it’s hard not to join in. =D

    • Admin
      4th March 2009

      Thanks so much for your enthusiasm.

      Love you all!



    • mazen
      4th March 2009

      i love cristiano ronaldo

    • Virgil
      6th March 2009

      J’Lah, keep up the good work. You are too much.

    • Admin
      6th March 2009

      Thanks a lot Virgil!

    • eulalia
      7th March 2009

      Sou uma brasileira muito apaixonada por vc C.R te amo

    • Tiffany
      10th March 2009

      I Love You ???????…
      you are the best soccer player…[ever]
      i love everything about you….

    • eva
      11th March 2009

      axxxxx, ronaldo is the best of all the footballplayers and i love him very very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Deborah
      20th March 2009

      Ronaldo, you are the coolest thing on earth, i love you soooo muchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Albora
      29th March 2009

      ronaldo i don’t even know what to say u are just simply the best futboll player that could ever exist on the earth.your just awasome in all the sences of the word. I LOVE YOU keep up all the great job that you doing and your feet that are so fast and unbeleviable you can get thru the entire field with the ball in your legs and having 3 or 4 people in your way and you still in your feet the other one’s have allready fallen.

    • Larry Brown
      4th January 2010

      I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the awesome work Look forward to reading more from you in the future. I think it will be also nice if you add “send to email” tool so people can forward the articles to their friends easily.


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