Ronaldo buys house in Madrid

According to Spanish press reports Cristiano Ronaldo has purchased a home in the upmarket are of Madrid, Morajela. What adds weight to this claim is that it is apparently close to where Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon and manager Bernd Schuster live.

However Ronaldo, currently on holiday in Italy, is reportedly prepared to go back to Manchester when his three week vacation ends, despite the intense speculation regarding his future at Old Trafford.

This tends to indicate that where he plays next season may still not be as clear cut as some may think, including Ronaldo. Real President, Calderon today insisted Real will wait and only enter negotiations if Ronaldo “continues to insist on wanting to come and if Manchester let him leave”. Time will tell.

Written by: Rehaan Adam

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  1. hej cristiano ronoldo you are nice i love you football you are nice in real madrid 🙂 😉 im live in greenland in ittoqqortoormiit east greenland

  2. HEY,ROnaldo i’m ur fanatic fan.Why are you transfer 2 real madrid?

  3. hi i also live in r madrid .iam a big fan of you…. now i my future my ame ic2 become a soccer player and 2 play for real madrid, now iam playing like u only how u played when ur my age ic=s 13 only iam playing for a 2-3 yrs I will be coming for if iam selected i may meet you…


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