Real Shock! 3rd Tier Team Alcorcon Beat Ronaldo-less Madrid 4-0 In Copa Del Rey

Real Madrid's Van der Vaart reacts after missing an opportunityCan you believe that Real Madrid – with Raul, Benzema, Nilsterooy, Arbeloa, and stuff – lost 4-0 against Alcorcon who come from the third tier of Spain’s division?

Do Real Madrid mean that they cannot handle pressure and that their potential doesn’t even reach 50% without Cristiano Ronaldo?

Well, this astonishing defeat against Alcorcon in the sixth round of the Copa del Rey means that Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream of lifting that trophy this year has almost vanished away!

Of course, there is still a chance for Real Madrid to redeem themselves because there is the second leg to be played at the Santiago Bernabeu…

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    • Derbyanabella
      29th October 2009

      Like David and the Goliath, anything can happen in the sports world…..Mentally, Madrid lost fr Alcorcon, who fought with fullpower ‘n fullspirits, knowing that this might be their only chance to beat Madrid, who plays minus Kaka,Iker, Ronaldo, Ramos, Diarra,’n Alonso…..too bad..


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