Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronaldo (OfficialRonaldo) Twitter Account Announced!!

Some fresh reports coming in indicate that Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo finally has a Twitter Account. Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes proudly announced that the Portuguese star will soon be twittering.

It was written on

“RT This is the official Cristiano Ronaldo twitter. Cristiano Ronaldo will start twittering soon – Jorge Mendes, Agent”

In the “Bio” section, this little text features:

“Welcome to the official Twitter Page of Cristiano Ronaldo. Get exclusive content and interact with Cristiano Ronaldo right from Twitter.”

Presently, there are 140 followers and 10 listed on Ronaldo’s Twitter ‘OfficialRonaldo’ account.

Fans of the Real Madrid and Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo will surely be delighted about this news!

Angela Asante, Cristiano Ronaldo Fan Editor


    • ghiwa
      21st January 2010

      Ur tellin me Iam following a fake Ronaldo 😛 LOL. Thanks Angie I will follow him. God I think he will have manyyyyyyyyy followers 😛 😀

    • derbyanabella
      22nd January 2010

      I don’t have a twitter account….hmm…maybe I should start one….or maybe someone could post his update twitter in this site so I’m able to read it…..LOL.

    • miho
      25th January 2010

      hmmmm… I must consider to have the twitter account since our Japanese Prime Minister has one (ha-ha-ha). Anyway I love to follow him.


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