Real Madrid prepared to wait for Ronaldo’s decision

The ongoing speculation about where Cristiano Ronaldo will play his football next season has led Real Madrid officials to publicly state they are waiting for Ronaldo to make the first move.

The ball undoubtedly is in Ronaldo’s court. Whether he contemplates stating he wants to leave in no uncertain terms however, is a tricky one. Does he risk the wrath of the Manchester fans and get slated if the move fails? Or does he remain as quiet as possible, hoping the behind the scenes negotiations allow him to not make a fuss and demand he is sold.

According to Zinedine Zidane, the Real Madrid and France legend there is only one outcome to this saga. It is clear to him that when Real “want” someone like Ronaldo they normally “get them”. What remains to be determined is whether Ronaldo is available to ‘get’. Manchester keep saying he is not but sooner or later they will have to face reality.

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    • Anne Wilkins-Smith
      24th June 2008

      What do you mean by saying that MUFC will have to face reality? The reality is that he is contracted to play for MUFC for another 4 years.

      I cannot begin to tell you how much anguish Christiano’s behaviour over the last few weeks has caused my family. We think he is the greatest player ever to wear a United shirt (and I can say that as one who saw George Best in action) and obviously we do not want him to leave. We do not criticise him for having a dream of playing for Real Madrid one day, what we do find unforgivable is the way he has refused to come out and say exactly what is going on. If he wants a transfer, let him say so in explicit terms. Stop all this nonsense of putting off a statement until after the CL Final, or the Euros or saying it will be in 2-3 days. Has Christiano any idea how much he is hurting all those fans who have supported him through thick and thin?

      My Grandson even goes to bed in his Ronaldo shirt, he worships the ground he walks on. Every night he prays that Christiano will stay, every morning we have no definite news for him.

      This prevarication has got to stop. CR may be the best player in the world but he also has a responsibilty to his fans. At least come clean and we can start coming to terms with his decision – whatever that might be. And we can deal with the trauma a departure will cause our children.

      Personally I will never forgive Ronaldo. He has behaved despicably at a time when we should all be enjoying our CL win. He may be a great footballer but he is not a likable person. And by the way, there is no way I will buy a Real Madrid shirt as I did when Beckham moved. Beckham took his British fans with him, Ronaldo wont.

    • sad
      24th June 2008

      ronaldo has done a lot for us, im very thankful fo that. But frankly by saying what he has, he has shown disloyalty for the club that made him a superstar. Ronaldo will never be the sam eleel of a world star if he plays in the la liga at this piont in history…Can’t really say that he won’t desee this cause recetly he’s shown himself to be as classless as real madrid, who have really sunk to a new low i their attitude and tactics, as a man united fan i don’t even want him anymore.Lets sell him for a lot and by players who not only have talent but integrity.

    • fatema
      24th June 2008

      Great article. I hope Roanldo moves to Madrid. I hate Man Utd! Keep up the good work

    • kristina
      24th June 2008

      TE AMOOOO RONALDOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • famz
      24th June 2008

      Ronaldo will not leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ismael
      30th June 2008

      Let Cristiano Ronaldo leave i like man utd as well as Real Madrid but what Ferguson is doin is crap stating that if ronaldo leaves he will too that sounds like a desperation move because the transfer to Real Madrid is inevitable 120 million euros is a lot of money and bound to change everyones mind and its also Ronaldos dream to play with los merengues and who are we to kill someones dreams like all the Manchester United directors are doing so Leave Cristiano Ronaldo to make His decision without anyone criticizing him like all the people sayin he is not a likable guy he is and always will be i know all this and im 17 im bound for a club as well but in the MLS so if you wanna talk visit my myspace thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind

    • lamin kamara
      3rd July 2008

      i will like for ronaldo to leave for realmadrid because he have done what he was to do for man.utd so is now time for real

    • nicky
      9th July 2008

      I think Ronaldo should be allowed to go to madrid whilst he’s still in top form. It’s a good chance for him to accumulate fame and fortune at the highest stages of football. Playing for madrid puts you on the map in heaven- ask Figo and Zidane

    • Ziarmal
      26th July 2008

      I think C.Ronaldo, look good in the AC MILAN with Ricardo Kaka, and Ronaldinho.

    • kashif
      27th July 2008

      ronaldo will leave u baggies.because alice fergison said u am a fockin shit play,get off the pitch ronaldo.

    • b rabit
      10th February 2009

      i think ronaldo should play for madrid because he is a very good player


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