Real Madrid Player Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United Return Is Possible

[/caption]Cristiano Ronaldo may be a happy player and a happy man at Real Madrid but in an exclusive interview with the News of the World, the 25-year-old revealed an important statement.

The Portuguese football star, who spent six years at Manchester United before switching to Real Madrid in Spain declared that a return to Old Trafford was not an impossible option.

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly used to moan about Manchester’s rainy weather and dream about Madrid’s sun and beach during his time in England.

The football superstar might have been relieved when leaving the Red Devils for that purpose.

However, this doesn’t mean that Manchester United is a forgotten place in his heart.

“Of course, I miss playing for Manchester United,” Cristiano Ronaldo avowed.

“Not just the club, but my friends are still there too. I played for six years; and that’s a long time. Whenever I have the opportunity, I watch them play.”

Cristiano Ronaldo pursued:

“I’m still interested in watching Manchester United… and you never know, maybe in the future, I could return to play there. It’s always possible.”

Real Madrid’s football club and fans may not be that happy to hear these statements from Cristiano Ronaldo. But the Portugal captain immediately ruled out any prospective doubts over his devotion for the Spanish giants. He stated:

“I won’t say I’m not happy here, at Real Madrid. I’m really happy and everyone knows this is my club. But of course, I miss Manchester United, the boss, the players, because I left family there.

“I want to fulfill my contract here. But in the future, only God knows.”

Can you see Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid and going back to Manchester United in the near future?

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    • sinnineli
      15th February 2010

      Well I don’t think that he’ll leave RMA any time soon.But I think it’s really possible,because I’ve noticed that Cristiano talks alot about how he misses MU,and it’s clearly seen,no wonder he played there for 6 years.And actually if to be honest,I would love to see Cristiano back in MU,ever since I’ve heard that MU transfered CR to RMA,I was thinking that that’s not the smartest choice of MU.And I don’t know why,but I just have a feeling,that Cristiano still doesn’t accept RMA(I even don’t know how to call it) as his real home.(hope you’ll understand what I mean 🙂 )Because lets think,he’s palying for RMA for like how long 7-8 months? And he’s still thinking about MU,that means that something is wrong in RMA, if it would be great,well he would’ve said that he misses MU once, but now he’s doing it constantly,and he’s even suggesting possibility to come back to MU.So,as I said before,I honestly would be happy if CR comes back to MU (I don’t have anything against RMA 😀 I like this team :D) It’s just because i think he felt more comfortable in MU he felt quite at home there. 🙂
      P.S. I also would LOOOOVEEE to see him back in MU in the future,because I’m gonna move to England (not soon,so Cristiano, don’t rush 😀 ):D so it would be great to see CR playing in my yard 😀 😀

    • Ari
      15th February 2010

      I totally agree with Jolita.
      It’s really possible that he could leave RMA. And for me,that’s perfect, because a loved him at MU. Of course,all right with RMA, but just, I like por MU,and with CR -they’re real passion. And that passion i can’t see in RMA.Yes,of course, he plays great, he is great, but well,i just want him more in MU xDD
      But,i don’t think that he will be back soon. After 4 years,maybe (: I really don’t know, but i would love him in MU again xD
      P.s.It’s a little bit funny, but i’m also gonna move to England xDDDD And quite soon,really funny.

    • Rosetattoo
      15th February 2010

      I started as a fan of Cristiano in ManU and became a Real Madrid fan when he moved to La Liga. He missed his former club but he will definitely stay in Spain for few years. Just loved his passion for football and wrongly vilified by the media and rival clubs/fans but die hard fan like me will stay loyal. I love to visit Madrid one day and see him play at the Bernabeau.
      P.S. Love to see him play and if only I can keep thumbs on him with regards to being a cool, calm player and oblivious of the haters esp. in hostile pitches. where ever he is playing I’ll be praying, cheering and supporting him that he scores and wins for his club all the time!

    • miho
      17th February 2010

      It’s possible that he will return to Man Utd in the future as Sir Alex said before.
      And I wish he will come back to Man Utd because I loved to see Crisitano & Rooney’s combination very much! (When they were talking in laughter etc, always made me very happy!)
      I still believe Cristiano’s best partner must be Rooney and Rooney’s best partner must be Cristiano.

      I read about Rooney’s intervew in Japanese magazine and he also wishes Cristiano to come back…
      I think Crisitano now really understands how great Man Utd is and Premier league (included supporters) is.
      Once I read about his comment that he was requesting for Real Madrid’ssupporters.

      I think Man Utd. and Premier leag was a loving environment for him because Sir Alex was his another father and Man Utd. supporter always backed him up when he was in difficulties…
      I hope I will be able see Red Devil’s number 7 agaiin in the future!


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