Real Madrid confirm giving up Ronaldo move

Real Madrid’s president Calderon gave an interview yesterday where he admits that they have given up the hunt on Cristiano Ronaldo.

“We are not going to start a conflict,” Calderon said. “You can’t buy what the owner doesn’t want to sell. We have not interfered with United’s contract agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo. We’re sorry that United – a club with which we have an excellent relationship – is annoyed with us because Real Madrid have nothing to do with that aspect.

“I want to clear this up with him and assure him we are not going to influence any player to break a contractual relationship. We are not going to start a conflict. If a club doesn’t want to sell a player, why would we insist that they do sell him?”

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    • cristiano4lyf7
      30th May 2008

      thanck goddness they have left him alone some people dont relise how much pressure you put on cristiano ronaldo. he does have a lif to live you now he is just an ordenary person who wants to live an ordenary life. when he wants to leave in 3yrs or so he will let you now soo thank godness you stoped because he does not weont to leave manchester united yet

      love you loads from your friend jessica

    • Monica 08
      1st June 2008

      Calderon: Tell that to the Spanish press ‘hounding’ the Viseu Portugal training camp. Going around asking Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammates if he’ll go to Madrid. If what Calderon said was true, why would the Spanish reporters keep asking the same questions and insist on the story on the cover of Marca and AS?

    • shawnice
      6th June 2008

      cristiano is not going anywhere and thats final!

    • christian ojeh
      12th June 2008

      cristiano ronaldo should stay at man utd because man utd has done alot for him.

      14th June 2008

      yes the amazing cristiano ronaldo made a big impact on him and the club. man-u is one of my favorite teams as for liverpool,arsenal,juventus,byruin munich, and all thoes teams. but when it all comes down to it. . . . THE BEST TEAM THAT WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST , THE BOMB ,THE SHIT!!

      …..–>REAL MADRID…so sorry man-u . love yall but gotta go wit el merrengue.

    • kadrie
      14th September 2008

      prosto nqmqm dumi


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