Real Madrid 2-3 AC Milan – Are Los Blancos Hopeless Without Cristiano Ronaldo?

Real-Madrid-hopeless-without-RonaldoResults seem to indicate that there is not more to Real Madrid than Cristiano Ronaldo.

So far this season, the Spanish Giants have had three tests: a match against Manuel Pellegrini’s former club Villarreal, a clash in Andalusia against Sevilla, and a gigantesque battle against AC Milan in the Champions League lately.

Out of these three games, Real Madrid have won one and lost two.

Against Villarreal at the El Madrigal, Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal in the opening minute considerably raised the game for Real Madrid. Kaka then rounded up the score line with a penalty in the second half to seal Los Blancos’ victory against the Yellow Submarines.

Unfortunately for Cristiano Ronaldo, the match against Villarreal has been his first and last important game for Real Madrid. The talented Portuguese play-maker then sustained an ankle injury against Marseille in the Champions League, which has sidelined him for up to a month.

So the Spanish Giants had to cop without the services of Cristiano Ronaldo against Sevilla in the league and AC Milan in Europe.

Coincidently, Real Madrid lost both of these games. Dangerous mistakes in defense and inefficiency inside the 18-yard box have cost Real Madrid dearly.

Although the referee was to blame in Wednesday night’s 3-2 defeat at home to AC Milan, some Madrid players could be singled out for failing to assume their responsibilities – mentally as well as physically.

There is a sense that Cristiano Ronaldo carries a big part of Real Madrid’s strength in depth and psychology.

In seven words, one could say it: Madrid flop in big games without Ronaldo

Well, such a conviction could be completely false in reality.

However, as things stand now, the pressure is on Manuel Pellegrini and his men to put value on the hundred millions of pounds that Florentino Perez used to create this new-look squad.

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    • Derbyanabella
      23rd October 2009

      AARRGGHH!!!!This is what I’ve been afraid of…….the team depends on CR way too much….CR “syndrome” is a very deathly disease……i’m a bit disapointed…

    • Angela Asante
      23rd October 2009

      Hmm.. That’s true… Really, Kaka and Benzema didn’t leave up to expectations against Milan. Arbeloa was also disastrous at the back and he committed a series of mistakes.

      I’ll also blame the coach, Manuel Pellegrini. I think that Real Madrid have enough talent to deal with any issue.

      Ronaldo is sidelined, fine. But it’s not an excuse to flop in big matches. They lost 2-1 against Sevilla.. Let’s say that was an experience. But really, losing against AC Milan just shows one thing: That Real Madrid are not matured as a team.

      what I have against Pellegrini are his choices… How could he start Arbeloa whereas the guy was the obstacle to Madrid’s strength at the back????

      Why didn’t he start Drenthe? Drenthe is a player with so much determination and power. It’s like he is never tired of running at full speed. With the absence of Ronaldo in front, I think that Drenthe should have been the solution.

      He is amazing, simply.. And look, he scored the equalizer too. Well, Madrid… 🙁

    • cristiana ronaldo79***
      24th October 2009

      ya derenthe plays really good better than grenaro..
      and the worst thing of madristas is that they dont give pass to marcelo which is very bad and disappointing… i saw him standing empty so many times and shouting for the ball but every one gives pass to sergio ramous…
      hope they learn from their mistake and do much better than cristiano they are showing that they are totally dependant upon ronnie:(


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