Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona : “It Was An Important Game and I Hate Losing” – El Clasico

Real Madrid’s Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo was gunned down by the 2-0 defeat which his team suffered at the Santiago Bernabeu against Barcelona last Saturday. The Madrid forward told the media afterward that “It was a very important game” and that he hated losing.

Cristiano Ronaldo added:

“Barcelona have been more effective than us and have won the game. I thought the first team to score would win. They have set for our error and they have won. They were more relaxed while playing and have they netted the second goal [to kill the game].

“It is always said that it is better to win, that’s the reality. We lost and we must now lift our head and continue fighting for the league. There are 7 games left and we know that we can still win this League,” he concluded.

Real Madrid are 3 points off Barcelona in La Liga standings. They count 77 points with 7 other games remaining. They must not only win all of their upcoming matches to ensure La Liga trophy but also hope that Barcelona lose at least 5 points.



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    • sinnineli
      11th April 2010

      There’re no victories without losing :] Let’s hope that El Clasico didn’t decide who’s the winner of the league,I still have faith that we can win!
      And Cris said right, that they have to lift their heads,because it’s not the end!
      We (fans) believe in you guys! 🙂

    • miho
      11th April 2010

      I think this is just beginning for new Real Madrid team.
      Xabi (Barcelona) said ” Real Madrid (existing) is more better than last year” in Japanese football magazine. In the past, also Messi said (when Barcelona was keeping the top of league), “If Real Madrid is a failure as media said, they can’t be 2nd in the league” That’s right, Messi!
      So Barcelona fully understands Real Madrid’s potential.
      This year Real Madrid couldn’t defeat Barcelona but how about future?
      It is very hard for Barcelona to win all of the rest games (they have some away game against powerful teams)… So we never give up!

    • sinnineli
      11th April 2010

      @Miho umm about future…I think RMA will change alot,they’ll keep changing their players ( At least now it looks like that ) And when new season comes,the team will have new squad,and again it’s gonna take a while for them to achieve good teamwork,and again Perez will say that RMA is not good enough,we need more good players,and again same thing.. it’s like cursed circle…

    • Angela Asante
      12th April 2010

      Hope they win La Liga, but can they? I wonder what Cristiano Ronaldo exactly thinks of Barcelona and of Lionel Messi. Did he ever regret his move from Manchester United to Real Madrid? Does he regret Madrid’s FUNNY CIRCUS SYNDROME?

    • sinnineli
      12th April 2010

      I wonder what he really thinks not about Barca or Messi,but about Real…. 😕 of course he can’t tell the truth,even if he wants.

    • Derbyanabella
      13th April 2010

      Deep down inside, I’m sure he regrets his moved to Madrid, that’s why he wants to be on the same team with Rooney again.
      But sorry guys, even though I’m 100% Real Madrid fans, I’ve got to say that our chance to win La Liga is only 10 %. We need a miracle !! Messi is on his highest peak right now, and wont lowering down until World Cup 2010.
      He wants to show the Argentine people that he could be a great footballer there. Besides, it’s no use being the best footballer in the world, without being admitted by your own people. So, he needs that now.

    • Boo
      18th September 2012

      I like Ronaldo


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