Real Football Player Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Up In Madrid!

[/caption]Cristiano Ronaldo is not yet a retired a player, he hasn’t yet brought trophies to Real Madrid, but a 10-metre high statue has already been made in his honor!

What a surprise!

The silver-tanned statue representing Cristiano Ronaldo in a bold and imposing mood was garnished with red and green confetti which symbolize the colors of the Portuguese flag.

Actually, this monument was created for a commercial at the Plaza de Ramales – which took the name of “Praca de Ronaldo” throughout the whole of Monday.

Rumors suggest that this statue might be up for grabs after the advert is made.

Does anyone out there possess some huge sum of money to buy Cristiano Ronaldo’s 10-metre statue?

Well, the Real Madrid star who is also the most expensive and highest paid footballer on the planet might end up with this masterpiece in his own garden!

Angela Asante,


    • ghiwa
      23rd February 2010

      VAMOS RONALDO ! He deserves a statue !

    • Derbyanabella
      23rd February 2010

      Hahaha….I can see the statue will end up at his own place…you might not know….:D
      But the statue doesn’t resemble him at all. He looks 100 times better than that. But talk about spending money on a single ad…….it’s like they paid for 2 Cris !!


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