Ramon Calderon: Real Madrid Signed Cristiano Ronaldo On December 8, 2008.

The press says that June 11th 2009 saw Real Madrid and Manchester United reach an agreement for the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo.

But according to the White House’s former president, Ramon Calderon, Los Blancos had acquired the Portuguese superstar much earlier than that.

There is some bad blood flowing between Ramon Calderon and Real Madrid’s current club president, Florentino Perez. Both men are rivals and both claim to have signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

Calderon, who resigned from his presidential post a year ago, used to be a regular figure in the Spanish papers. The 58-year-old man was constantly ‘at war’ with the Red Devils’ legendary manager Alex Ferguson in an affair that was called “the Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer Saga”.

Calderon’s mission was to complete the Spanish giants’ dream move for the Portuguese superstar. Now despite the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo never stepped at the Santiago Bernabeu during his mandate, the former Real Madrid president fully believes that he is the man who brought the star winger in Spain.

“Cristiano came to an agreement with Manchester United for a transfer to Real Madrid on December 8th 2008,” Calderon precisely stated.

Perhaps dejected by the fact that most football followers (if not all) look upon Florentino Perez as “the man who made Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream switch to Real Madrid happen”, Ramon Calderon insisted:

“There was no negotiation during last summer. Everything was already concluded.”

Ramon Calderon went further into details to explain how the deal between Manchester United and Real Madrid went through, and how Cristiano Ronaldo was the main person behind the success of this transfer.

“The player accepted a clause of € 30 million; that was in case the transfer failed. But Inter Milan and Barcelona also joined the race.

“The Red Devils wanted to resolve that clause for those two teams instead of selling to Real Madrid. Everyone knowsCristiano Ronaldo's Real Madrid Presentation: Former Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys his Real Madrid presentation. CR9 raises his arms as he salutes the 80,000 supporters that attented this unprecedented event at the Santiago Bernabeu. that there isn’t a good relationship between the two clubs [Real Madrid and Manchester United].

“But the situation was eventually resolved by Cristiano Ronaldo himself. He remained faithful to Real Madrid.”

Is anybody listening to Ramon Calderon’s claims over the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United to Real Madrid?

It seems like records will always portray Florentino Perez as the hero of the Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer Saga.

Angela Asante, Footballfantalk.com

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    • miho
      10th February 2010

      hahaha… Cardelon is a really miserable man!
      He said same thing when Cristiano’s transfer was fixed last year. Cardelon claimed the agreement of Cristiano’s transfer had fixed on Dec. 8th , 2008 ? it’s a lie!
      I think Sir Alex wanted him to stay at United if possbile (I read Sir Alex’s comment, interview regarding Cristiano’s transfer at that time and I felt this feeling) and United players wanted him to play at United as long as possible but we knew he would leave United in near future…

      And In Japanese news, Cardelon claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to sell Cristiano to Barcelona, not Real Madrid because Sir Alex doesn’t like Real Madrid but Cristiano refused to transfer to another club (Barcelona or others except Real Madrid).

      Well, we know Barcelona wanted Cristiano too, because the Spanish newspaper was mentioned “Cristiano would come to Barcelona ” same as Real Madrid almost everyday in the past.
      So it is not first time to know that Barcelona wanted him and we know that Intel, Milan had joined the race. I think almost evey team wanted him if possible… Poor man, Cardelon!
      Maybe he can’t stand everything should be done by Florentino Perez (he got…not only Cristiano but also Kaka, Benzam) so that he claimed again… I think.

      I want to say “Let Cristiano alone” “Don’t involve him anymore in your trouble (for your satisfy only)” to Cardelon.

    • Derbyanabella
      10th February 2010

      Haha….Barcelona lost their bid….It’s a good thing. About which one of them that signed Cris, it doesn’t matter, cause Cris was the one who wants out of MU and came to Madrid. So, he will end up in Madrid eventually……


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