Queiros: Cristiano Ronaldo Will Get The Call And Play – Even For A Few Minutes.

Ronaldo and QueirozNews surrounding Manchester United’s former number 7 ace have switched from the Real Madrid saga to the Ronaldo curse saga, and now to the Ronaldo ankle injury saga which implicates Real Madrid and Portugal.

The European World Cup play-offs take place next week with Portugal hosting Bosnia Herzegovina among the eight nations that qualified to this stage.

Most people expect the Seleccao to be without their influential skipper, Cristiano Ronaldo. However, Carlos Queiros has other ideas. The former Real Madrid coach stated:

“I will call Cristiano Ronaldo into the squad and I hope that he can help us – even if it will only be for a few minutes.”

This statement completely defies Real Madrid’s belief that the world’s most expensive player – Cristiano Ronaldo – is not fit and still recovering from his ankle injury.

According to the Spanish giants, the 24-year-old Portuguese winger will need to spend another one month on the sidelines as he will need two weeks to blow the pain away and two more weeks to regain full fitness through training sessions.

However, the Portuguese national team are certain that Cristiano Ronaldo could feature in both legs on November 14th and November 18th despite following a fitness program.

Carlos Queiros explained:

“Let us see how it goes, but we think that he can continue his recovery with us and therefore have time to play in Zenica.”

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    • Derbyanabella
      9th November 2009

      Please, just let Cristiano plays for his Portugal team. Watching Portugal fails to enter WOrld cup is his biggest fear right now. If it happens, and he doesn’t have the chance to help at all, he will feel sorry for the rest of his life, and not to mention his Portugal fans will be angry and dissapoint in him. I don’t want to see him suffer more than he already is. Give him a chance. Just like Fernando Torres fr Liverpool , even though he still got injured, he keeps playing anyway…..as long as he feels okay.

    • akash
      11th November 2009

      yes he should play !!
      because if portugal doesn’t qualify hen his fans will be very angry !!

    • M Haji
      14th November 2009

      It’s completely up to Ronaldo himself to play for his country nor the real madrid or the national team coach.


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