Queiros: Be Fair On Cristiano Ronaldo, He’ll Shine For Portugal At The World Cup!

Carlos Queiros speaking to frustrated Cristiano Ronaldo during training with PortugalCristiano Ronaldo is widely perceived as an under-performer for his country Portugal but Carlos Queiros has other opinions.

Portugal will be playing Brazil, the Ivory Coast, and underdogs North Korea in South Africa next summer.

Cristiano Ronaldo is rated among the top stars along players like Lionel Messi and Ricardo Kaka. However, few believe that the Portugal captain will shine and power his country to a memorable World Cup campaign.

But according to Portugal’s coach Carlos Queiros, doubters have no right to underestimate Ronaldo. He stated:

“It isn’t fair to say that Cristiano underperforms at the international level. He is already close to Portugal’s top scorers of all time for the national team. That speaks for itself.

“He didn’t have any injuries in the year that he was voted the best in the world. This [injury issue] affect his performance but he will reach the top again.

“In the World Cup, I expect him to win some games on his own.

“I have worked with Cristiano Ronaldo since he was 18-years-old. I know very well the kind of suffering that his body has suffered in terms of violent tackles which sometimes intended to hurt.”

Concerning the criticism surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s behavior and body language on the field, Carlos Queiros retorted:

“It isn’t just to say that Cristiano is immature following his red card against Almeria.”

The Portugal boss then switched back his focus on the World Cup in South Africa. Looking at their tough group which includes Brazil, he concluded:

“Brazil are five-time World champions. They are always favorites to win their group. However, in such a tournament, it is a level playing field. If a favorite makes a mistake, it could mean failure.

“I believe that we will have a great World Cup.”

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    • cristina
      11th December 2009

      of course he will shine because he is the star. loveeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • maram
      13th December 2009


      ilikke Cristiano soooooooooooo much


    • nugget
      15th December 2009

      hi why did you have to leave any way forget that i am coming to see a couple of your games and i am goner live there do my carer in portugal and forget anything that i have done in the past

    • nugget
      15th December 2009

      cristiano ronaldo is so fit xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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