Possibility: Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo Out Of Football Until January 2010!

C.Ronaldo injured on the ground holds his lapMore tears will fall from the eyes of Cristiano Ronaldo fans after fresh reports explained that the Real Madrid superstar could be out of active football until January 2010.

Cristiano Ronaldo has received a call-up to the Portuguese national team from Carlos Queiros and he is expected to halt his Real Madrid fitness program to assume his national duties.

The current World Player of the Year injured his ankle in late September during a Champions League encounter at the Santiago Bernabeu against Marseille.

Despite being declared unfit to play by Real Madrid’s doctors for up to two-four weeks at that time, Cristiano Ronaldo featured for his country against Hungary where he lasted less than half an hour.

His inability to resist in this game saw him come off as a substitute and further tests carried by the Spanish giants’ medical staff reported that the 24-year-old would only be able to return to action by November 8th.

Later on, strange complications in the recovery of Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle injury delayed the player’s return to another one month.

However, with Cristiano Ronaldo expected to feature for Portugal against Bosnia Herzegovina on November 14th and November 18th under the will of the country’s coach Carlos Queiros, there is a strong possibility that his health issues will be aggravated.

According to Doctor Niek van Dijk (the Dutch surgeon who made the operation on Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle last year), the Portugal captain must not return on the field of play until ten or more days are over.

The Dutch has ordered a special program in order to test the strength of Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle and he believes that the player could feature for Real Madrid on November 22nd against Racing Santander if only his ankle recovers in time.

However, should the bone in Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle fail to reset any time soon, then an operation will be needed.
Therefore, the € 94 million signing will need more time up to two months to recuperate his form – meaning that he will miss around twelve games for Real Madrid and only return to football in January next year.

Real Madrid are very much aware of such an alarming situation which will involve their most expensive prized asset, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The club is fuming at Carlos Queiroz decision to select Ronaldo in the Portugal roaster and they are ready to do everything that it takes to prevent the player from playing for his country this month.

In a released statement from the Spanish giants, it was said:

“On Monday, we will send all the medical evidence from both our medical doctor and surgeon Niek van Dijk to the Portuguese federation, which indicates that Cristiano Ronaldo is injured and unavailable.”

“He is an injured player who must follow his recovery process, and therefore, if they (Portugal) want to check (the injury), we invite them to come to Madrid to do so. It is not that we refuse to let him go, but we stick to the regulations, as it has already occurred in other cases.”

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    • miho
      9th November 2009

      There is still possiblity if he needs operation for his injury….
      I really don`t want to say this, but I don`t want him to play for Portugal National team.
      I`m not sure if he really can play or not (or his club lied to the public or not), but I think it is
      better to wait for another 2 weeks.
      But if he really can play and he wishes to play, then let him do…
      I believe Portugal National team can win without Cristiano!

    • mani1
      10th November 2009

      i think he shouldnt play for purtugal. he should take full rest to be ready as soon as possible.
      because if he injured him self again then he hav to wait to wait another 1 month to recover. plz get well soon.

    • akash
      11th November 2009

      i think ronaldo should play !
      coz if he doesnt plays then might the portugal team would lose because he is the world’s best player and without him no team is better !!
      i m a big fan of him . my dream is to play like him and play for real madrid also .
      but he is very bad because he left manchester united .
      now i dont get to see his matches as they dont come on any channel !
      but manchester united’s match comes on ESPN and STAR SPORTS .
      i request him to join manchester united again .
      please ronaldo join manchester united again !!

    • Elly
      12th November 2009

      Aww poor Ronaldo … I hope he recoveres fast and that there’s no operation required … :S
      Also it’s kinda obvious that both Real Madrid and Portugal need him to play, because after all he’s the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD!
      Sooo let’s pray for Ronaldo’s quick recovering and … I wish him all the best in his career! ?


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