Portugal 2-0 China: Cristiano Ronaldo Photos (03-March/2010)

Huga Almeida and Liedson brought victory to Portugal with a goal each in Wednesday’s friendly match against China.

This win was important for Portugal’s World Cup preparations as the month of June edges closer.

A Seleccao’s 2-0 win over the Chinese was not convincing once again. Whereas they dominated the play, they also should have scored more goals and entertained better.

Unfortunately for Cristiano Ronaldo fans, there was even less excitement as the Real Madrid number 9 came off the field just before the end of the first half. At least, the captain had time to provide the assist for Hugo Almeida’s 36th minute opener.

Liedson then stepped in and eventually put his name on the scoring sheet right at the end of the match to round up Portugal’s victory at the Estadio Cidaded de Coimbra against China.

That marked A Seleccao’s sixth consecutive win. It was also a nice way to celebrate their brand new kits which they wore yesterday for the first time ever.

Here are photos of Cristiano Ronaldo playing during Portugal vs China.

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    • sinnineli
      4th March 2010

      I saw the match…yup I was very disappointed that Cristiano played only on the first half ;S I wonder why… πŸ˜• I were expecting,that he’ll be playing all 90 mins… πŸ™
      Also I noticed that Portugal’s national team is really strong with Cristiano and Nani in front :)They have a great chances in World cup πŸ™‚
      By the way “Huga Almeida and Liedson brought victory to Portugal” where is Crsitiano’s name? ;DD I mean,he did such a great pass to Almeida ;D he could’ve score him self !!! He had opportunity, I don’t understand why he didn’t score…
      Quite strange games, I must say.. ;D πŸ˜•

    • sinnineli
      4th March 2010

      Oh and by the way… I lOOOOVED his haircut….mmmmm very sexy πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

    • Derbyanabella
      4th March 2010

      Yes, I noticed that Cris could score that goal, instead of passing it to Huga. About him only played for less than 40 minutes, I think he didn’t want to take the risk of injuring himself during the friendly match cause he has an important game this Saturday with Real Madrid.

      Besides, this game is only for studying the opponent and he could concentrate more to China players when he watched them played, and not actually involved in the game.
      Afterall, he’s the captain, rather than scoring a single goal, it’s more important for him to learn how the opponent plays.
      That’s why he passed the ball to Huga, and didn’t seem to disappoint for not scoring at all.

      New hairlooks ?? You really like it?? I prefer the usual….but since it’s him, everything seems sexy, and gorgeous……..

    • sinnineli
      4th March 2010

      I love his hairlooks in both ways… ;D but this one is totally very sexy lol ;D


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