Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Netherlands (17 June 2012)Euro 2012

The first half ended with 1-1 , each goal came from Rafael van der vaart and Cristiano Ronaldo. After failed to score in the previous 2 matches, Cristiano Ronaldo finally able to prove his sharpness on the field with a precise finishing, thanks to Joao Pereira’s assist. Earlier, the Portuguese captain was again throwing a couple of golden opportunities, but his brilliant goal managed to covered it up.

On the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo once again scored the second time for Portugal, which also became the winning goal for the Sellecao. The match ended with 2-1 for Portugal’s victory

Here are the pictures from the match :

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    • JAMES
      17th June 2012

      Regardless of negative off the pitch opinions about Ronaldo, one must admire his performances on the the pitch and in particular his most recent to advance his team to the next stages of the Championship.
      It’s not only his attacking and goal scoring ability but his decisions seem to be right on the money. If a pass is the best thing to do then he does it but when it’s time to shoot he’s clinical. I think he’s a good captain for Portugal as you could clearly see his team was inspired by him tonight. Portugal were excellent and a three goal cushion would not have flattered them. They worked impressively as a team showing not only skill and strength but a deep desire to win. Holland were totally out played and were hounded by Portugal when in possession in a manner akin to that of the current Barcelona team.
      I haven’t seen all the games of the championship but on tonight’s performance Portugal will be very tough to overcome. As an Englishman I’m rooting for a three lions tournament victory but failing that I’d like to see Portugal to succeed.
      Ronaldo has come back from recent media driven criticism to perform on a level that only he and Messi can. The tournament is far more entertaining with him in it. Of that there can be no doubt. The real test Christiano is whether you can foster the team spirit required to lift the cup. Your technical ability is sublime but in order for you to achieve greatness you need to win a major championship with Portugal. This will require the sternest and deepest of character tests. I wish you well in the quest of greatness

      James Brydon


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