Paris Hilton: Womanizer Cristiano Ronaldo Is Mean And He Is A Wimp!

Ron and Paris“She is not European”, “she is rich and from a well-know family as well”, “she is a jilted lover”…

Well, all these clues were statements made by Pepe ‘The Wizard’ to describe the woman who hired him to put a curse on the world’s most expensive signing, Cristiano Ronaldo.


This name instantly came into people’s mind and out of their mouth.

After a couple of weeks filled with debates around this issue, Paris Hilton somehow confirmed herself as the person behind Ronaldo’s curse.

In the German edition of celebrity gossip magazine Life & Style, Paris Hilton was quoted as saying:

“I cannot stand it when someone is mean. I want a man anyway. Not someone who runs about like a little girl.”

“He is a wimp!”

There is a sense that Paris Hilton has a lot of hatred against Ronaldo, probably because their relationship didn’t grow until marriage to emulate Victoria and David Beckham.

Could it be that she is really the one who asked Pepe The Wizard to put a curse on Ronaldo?

Well, perhaps Paris Hilton is just profiting of this story to be in the limelight once again…

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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    • Derbyanabella
      30th October 2009

      She doesn’t have the right to feel hurt for being dumped by Ronnie, since she always playing around w/ lots of guys and dumps them cold hearted…plus, she’s not his girlfriend…….what a witch !!! She usually gets what she wants, and now that she can’t she turn Ronnie into a bad guy and a coward….Ronnie was only using her so he could have some fun, and I think he thought that paris won’t be mind at all since she likes to have some fun too…..

    • princessw1
      30th October 2009

      huh and since when paris hilton is hurted …:P

    • Mck cr7@9
      30th October 2009

      She doesnt have any right to col him names jus bcos he did not want a relationship wit her nd by de way his an angel so do us ol a favour get over it

    • ilovecristinao
      1st November 2009

      She Is Just A Total Bitch!
      Who Really Need To Grow Up, Everybody Get finished And She Should Be Bloody Glad She Had a one night stand with him cus that is the best she is ever going to get, any girl would love to even just talk to ronaldo!
      hate her!

    • Cristiano’s girl
      1st November 2009

      I agree she should b grateful for being with him cause CRISTIANO IS HEAVEN ON EARTH ND he did the right thing by dumpin her

    • soccerbabe3
      3rd November 2009

      well i persoanly hate paris even before all the crap i heard about her putting a spell i personaly dnt believe in it,but if it is true then thats makes me laugh!!! she thinks shes so hot and mrs perfection but yet she cant seem to land a guy like cristiano haha so she has to put a cruse on him,wat a dumb blonde!!!!!!!!!!!

    • samir
      4th November 2009

      ronaldo you are number one. you are number one i love you

    • Mohamad reza
      6th November 2009

      I love ur style , ur figure & ur playing I wana defeat Barcelona Team & always be better than Lionel Messi . Plz do ur best for me!

    • Damola
      7th November 2009

      hello i just want to Hi to Ronaldo and i will like to know more and meet soon am going to waiting for the phone number to talk to him ok thanks my name is damola am from Nigeria


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