No punishment for Red Ronaldo

The English FA has finally cleared the man who is arguably the most controversial footballer on the planet at present: Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese winger was accused of misbehaviour after kicking Tottenham’s Dawson. This incident led to investigations made by the FA who has now cleared Ronaldo of any wrong doing.

“We contacted the referee, who confirmed he didn’t see the incident at the time,” stated the FA spokesman.

“Having reviewed footage, he has also confirmed that he would not have sent the player off for violent conduct had he seen it. On that basis, no further action will be taken.”

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Lydia trisha Govender
      13th January 2009

      cristiano, you’re a famous footballer ,everyone knows you, talks about you and loves you, football to me is just a sport and a game, that people play or watch, maybe to you its everthing,your goals and dreams,so play with respesct to other players, enjoy the game, theres no reason to kick footballers intentionally.
      if you’re known as the greatest throughtout the world let it be known as someone fair and respectable okay.God bless


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