Nereida reveals the secrets behind Ronaldo’s attractive look

Compare Cristiano Ronaldo’s present charismatic physiognomy to the natural ordinary look he had as a child. The difference is none less than enormous.

And what are the secrets behind this “positive body development” as one may call it? Cosmetics and Beauty care.

Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend Nereida Gallardo, the public as well as other soccer stars like Thierry Henry, Kaka or even Beckham will now have the opportunity to understand what makes Ronaldo so attractive that he is often voted as the most handsome footballer on the planet.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s lovely tanned skin:

Living life under Madeira’s bright sunshine isn’t what made cute Ronnie’s skin tanned like some other Portuguese naturally are.

“He likes his body to be smooth all over and would even use a hair removal cream,”

Wow, heard that? Okay, what else?

“He would also use tubs of moisturiser, coating every part of his body, at least twice a day,” Nereida revealed.

Cutie Ronaldo’s hairstyle:

“He loves looking at himself and playing with his hair..

“He has curly hair and liked me to use my hair straighteners to do it for him,” the model continued, explaining Ronaldo’s current hairstyle.

In fact, C Ronaldo – now an icon of physically young and mature men – looked more like a little sheep as a kid.

Actually, these are the secrets behind Ronaldo’s sugar pie honey man look: Creams and hair straighteners.

Ah! And by the way, let’s not forget to find out what makes Ronaldo’s body shape some kind of hefty. Well, I guess everyone knows it: body building.

So Cristiano Ronaldo cares quite a lot about his physiognomy, huh! Check out another revelation made by “Our Dear Nereida”.

“His house is full of mirrors so he’s always walking around glancing at himself,”

Woo! That’s an attitude that quite a lot of guys will call ‘gay attitude’… whether jealously or honestly.

Written by: Angela Asante


    • Y
      15th December 2008

      This is OOOOOllld news!!!

    • Bianca
      15th December 2008

      I find it rather amusing that she has gone out of her way to see to it that the press take advantage of his personal hygene. He dumped her oh so classy ass, not to go so far as to say she was ever really percieved as classy to begin with, and she has resorted to childish pre-teen antics. So Cristiano enjoys making himself presentable and taking a few measures in order to do so, with the futebol the portuguese star has produced, he’s more then just allowed to do so. Perhaps if she struck a pose in front of a few mirrors herself every so often, she would see what she’s flashing back at society. I don’t mean to dish out on her because she’s Ronaldo’s ex, I just find it hilarious to see the extent that people will go to for a little bit of attention. The fame she recieved from being his girlfriend to begin with (considering she really was hardly known before)wasn’t enough, and a true judgement of her character is being shown when she spills all his “secrets” out to the media. I say, lets focus on what he’s best at..the best sport in the world, scoreing goals and leading his teams to victory. It’s not as if everything he does isnt put under enough public scrutiny to begin with.
      Congratulations Nereida, you have only struck your own ego.

      Ronaldo, keep it up, there is no stopping you from being one of the best things to happen to football.
      And all that your doing with your looks isn’t harming anyone either. Hot beyond belief 😉

    • Diana
      16th December 2008

      Bianca, nicely put! I couldn’t agree w/ you more!

    • Admin
      16th December 2008

      Yep, M. Y, this might be ‘Old News’as you say but what wrong will it do to get it published now or even 100 years later? These comments from Nereida will always remain just as Ronaldo will always remain in football’s history. Whether old news or not, let everybody keep reading this article to know what Nereida said. Come on girls, have fun!!!

    • elle
      17th December 2008

      shut the fuck upp maaannnnn !
      hes gorgeoussssss.
      i would bone him [from milky]

    • eda
      18th December 2008

      this man what whom damage data he…..ugly creature without time soundiii…turkish meaning;kes sesini elle.I turkish speak okey elle???

    • Nilo
      18th December 2008

      WORD BIANCA!!!!

    • Alana
      26th December 2008

      Omg wot a freak i cant believe she wud do that on him i mean he is totally lush!!!!!! And even though hez lush she woz probably only goin wiv him 4 da £££! 🙂

    • Alana
      26th December 2008

      ……… i tink yhuu r gorgeous and dont let her put yhuu down babe!!!! i mean dat i am 1 of yhuur biggest fans yennooo…….0x

    • lolia
      29th December 2008

      Oh yes!!! we know and so what!!!

      Cristiano Ronaldo is the best,so you guys should leave him alone.That only shows that he cares about his skin,don’t we all do that???=YES we do.?

      And if he is gay,that isn’t our problem,it’s his so let him live his life in peace and live yours in peace.??

      Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t perfect that’s why he is a human being so of course he also has his weak sides so lets leave him to correct them how he thinks is the best way!!!?

    • Lydia trisha Govender
      13th January 2009

      Nereida why say all those things about him, i mean why do people always say stuff after being broken up with or dumped.
      I would like to see pics of you when you were young,im sure you went for plastic surgery or some cosmetic enhancements, after all i only know you coz you dated cristiano i never knew you before, and so wat if he takes time to do his hair or beautify himself, does’nt mean his gay, i know plenty of guys who wax and lol actually own a ghd, theres nothing wrong with that and maybe nereida you could learn a few beauti tips from ronaldo.
      Nereida if you think telling the media about cristianos personal lifestyle ,gets you any where or if you trying to get back at him in anyway trust me darling its not gona happen. Im an indian from south africa hun, all the ladies here are waiting for cristiano to come here in 2010, you rather forget him now, you have a year left to do so or you gona turn into a britney spears mania.if you think you so beautiful, trust me gal you have’nt seen beauty yet.When i found out that cristiano had kissed Bipasha and has some or lil bit interest in her, i then knew that he would date any gal . know matter what race or culture,i think his an absolute normal average guy just like any other, get used to it nereida, you wer’nt is first and you not gona be his last.he loved before he will again.

    • enxhi
      14th January 2009


    • ´Diko
      15th January 2009

      Ofcourse he is different when he was a child and now. I mean, i naturally dont see 5-10 year old guys putting tons of gel, coming with a 6pack and shave his body. Hahah. But yea it must be some truth in this. If u have that kind of body, nice skin, nice hair, nice clothes, yea like that. Then u are good looking. I wonder how Ronaldo would look without all that hairgel, makeup and that brown skin.

    • Shaka xD
      15th January 2009

      WTF is a “He would also use tubs of moisturiser” Never heard of anything like that. ??

      Do you guys, honestly think ronaldo would look good if he didnt fix his hair like that, having that skin or body, fame or clothes?

      He would be a random kid.

    • Name
      15th January 2009

      haha look picture in the middle. he looks bit fat.

    • Name
      16th January 2009

      What u mean Henry Kaka Beckham will know how he is attractive. Ok?

    • Daknower
      21st January 2009

      His body, his hair, he’s face, his money, his skin, his solarium.

      There’s the secret.

    • Annie
      25th January 2009

      Fuck ronaldo. gay !

    • gemz
      22nd February 2009

      i dont think hes gay he just cares about his apperance what footballer doesnt besides no one looks the same when the grow up to how they look as a kid hes still gorgeous either way what ever he looked likes xx

    • Brooa
      26th March 2009

      True, everyone changes. Ofcouse Ronaldo shave himself who dont?

      i think his secret is; the money. With money u can do everything to ure appearance. Like when he was 18 he missed some front teeth. Got implant for over 8million pounds, now look at his smile. The facial hair, the shaving of eyebrows and the rest of the body. He got solarium at him, and is body building.

      See all of that can people get, if their rich. Thats the secret.

    • dsaer
      26th March 2009

      he is just normaly good looking. Which some people just are. This too.

    • Delicous
      31st March 2009

      Actually its pretty amazing. I mean look at the picture in the middle. Doesn’t he look almost like a pig in his face? Lol. Now he’s like the hottest in the world, amazing how u can get so much hotter.


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