Mock Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi Debaters – Dani Alves

Anyone who compares Cristiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi should be ridiculed,’ this is a fresh quote from Barcelona’s Brazilian defender Dani Alves. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi debates that keep creating resentment and mockeries might never stop, but for Dani Alves, the thing is simple. The defender believes Lionel Messi is from another planet, so comparing him to Cristiano Ronaldo who is a good player though makes categorically no sense.

In El Mundo Deportivo, the Barcelona player is quoted as saying:

“”Whoever tries to make the comparison is to be ridiculed.

“Cristiano is a great player but nobody can compare to his [Lionel Messi’s] level and motivation.”

Cristiano Ronaldo suffered another disgraceful night against Barcelona in El Clasico on April 10 as Real Madrid lost 2-0 at home to Barcelona with Lionel Messi scoring the opener. The 2008 FIFA World Player of the Year is in danger of ending his first year in Madrid without a trophy. La Liga has become Los Blancos’ only chance for glory this season but they are now 3 points behind Barcelona following last week’s defeat. Lionel Messi, meanwhile, currently remains in the UEFA Champions League and the prospect of achieving the double with Barcelona is very much realistic.

Angela Asante,

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  • Mock Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi Debaters – Dani Alves :

    • sinnineli
      13th April 2010

      I don’t want to say any bad words about Alves,but his statement that it’s even impossible to compare Cris with Messi is very wrong.Yes,you can’t compare them… Cristiano is phenomenal you can’t compare him with anyone else,and Messi? Oh we saw someone like him – Maradona.So we have already seen such a type of footballer.So Alves should say that CR is from other planet not Messi.
      And I think that now everyone is glorifying Messi too much,yes I admit he’s a very good player,but what I also noticed,that Messi has to thank his teammates VERY VERY and VERY MUCH!I’m not gonna discuss about it too much,because I don’t see point,everyone will still say other things…so,all I want to say,I would love to see what all people who don’t like Cris would say,If he would be in a such a team,who would help him like Barca is helping Messi…I wonder who would be on a peak then? :p
      CRIS,YOU’RE THE BEST!!!! 😀 Love ya ! xoxo

    • Angela Asante
      13th April 2010

      Dani Alves is funny! let’s see how things would have turned out to be if Ronaldo was in Barca and if Messi was in Real Madrid. Anyway, the current reality is that Alves’ statement sounds completely ridiculous. It’s a childish and a Lionel-Messi-die-hard-fanatic statement. Anyways…


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