Mario Balotelli Aiming To Surpass Cristiano Ronaldo’s Football Stardom

Take it for real, it’s not a joke!

Inter Milan’s ‘stubborn’ Italian midfielder of Ghanaian origins, Mario Balotelli, has revealed a huge ambition:

He wants to surpass Cristiano Ronaldo in the world of football!

Mario Balotelli meanwhile is not a friend of the Real Madrid and Portugal superstar.

Expressing himself during Le Iene, a popular Italian program, the Inter Milan young man recalled how his aim to become greater than Cristiano Ronaldo started. Balotelli took us back to the Manchester United vs Inter Milan last 16 UEFA Champions League clash which ended in favor of the Red Devils thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s influence.

“I asked for Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey [after the match],” Balotelli evoked.

He continued:

“And he told me he had already given it [the jersey] to someone else.”

“I replied, ‘I’ll become stronger than you!’”

What a great challenge against the world’s most expensive player, Cristiano Ronaldo. At the moment though, 19-year-old Mario Balotelli is yet to feature for Ghana or Italy’s senior football team.

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Angela Asante,

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    • Derbyanabella
      3rd March 2010

      There’s no way he’s going to surpass “Cristiano Ronaldo”. Cause Cris will become a legend, that’s for sure…

    • Angela Asante
      3rd March 2010

      Balotelli is not going anywhere with this filthy mind! 😛

    • sinnineli
      3rd March 2010

      OK. this really makes me to smile 😀 I mean,what the hell is on his mind??? Maybe he ate something 😕 ? At the age of 19 CR was already one of the best,and who’s this guy ? I don’t know what to say I’m shocked honestly 😀 all I want is to laugh,that’s the same thing if I would tell that: “I’m going to be a president of UK (impossible, in Uk monarchy is dominating 😀 lol )) ” What can I say to this young man…umm. wake up 😀 It’s a bit cocky to choose such an unrealistic gaol…BUT I must say that his talks are very brave :D(even though his aim is so ridiculous 😀 ) I wouldn’t dare to say such a thing for Cristiano in his eyes 😀 But still talks are talks actions – other thing 😀 And as I presume he’s only talking right now.(my opinion about his aim would be different if he would do something visible to improve that he’s reaching his goal)
      P.S. @Derbyanabella, HE’S ALREADY A LEGEND! ;DD

    • Angela Asante
      3rd March 2010

      @ Sinnineli: Yeah, that’s right. Great comment. 🙂


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