Looking for Ronaldo fans to work with this site

Since two weeks ago this site has a new management. Our plans is to develop this site into the no1 fan-site for Cristiano Ronaldo. You will see a lot of changes in the upcoming future. To be able to make this progress we are looking for 1-2 power fans who would like to work with this site on a daily basis.

You should be a passionate Ronaldo fan and have a talent on writing.

Are you the person we are looking for?

Please contact us at info (a) cristianoronaldofan (dot) net

Kind regards,

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    • Addison Choi
      20th May 2008

      Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player. #1 player out of anyone. I am very passionate about him and everything I do about soccer i write about him. Yes, I’m the person your looking for.

      Cristiano Ronaldo #1 fan,

    • Lindsey P.
      21st May 2008

      I was reading this and me and my friend are huge cristiano ronaldo superfans and would love for a chance to help with this site please get back to us. Thank you.
      -Lindsey Pilsner & Madison Richards

    • oguntola kolawole tosin
      23rd May 2008

      Ronaldo is the best player in the world no matter what anybody says he is the best of the best.

    • gab
      26th May 2008

      I am very glad he is staying because he is in the best club of all. The fans should stand by him and not lety anyone be horrible to him on the stite. I hate when I read hate mail, because he does well , and when he doesnt he sort punushes himself . I understand because I do the same.He just doesnt like to lose, nothing wrong with that.

      I dont like the new girlfriend, I dont think that she is the right girl for him to marry. There has to be another girl that is more decent for him.I HOPE HE DOESNT MARRY HER


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