Let Ronaldo go

Blatter, FIFA PresidentFifa President Sepp Blatter has accused Manchester United of “enslaving” Cristiano Ronaldo.

He stated on Thursday that “slavery” is too common in modern football and that therefore, Fifa should start finding a solution to this controversy.

Not every member of the Governing Body sided with Blatter’s comments; there’s an argument that players deserve to respect their club and that moreover, the word “slave” only applies to an unpaid worker unlike a footballer.

As for Ronaldo himself, it is understood that he totally agrees with the President’s opinion. He declared in an interview made by a Portuguese television station that he really wanted to leave United for Madrid. It is certain that everything could have been completed if Manchester United was to give up and let him go. At this point in time, the winger is still uncertain where he will start his season.

Now, Ronaldo just needs to wait and see what United’s decision will be, which is currently believed to be the final word in this transfer saga.

Nevertheless, if Fifa intervenes seriously in this matter and comes up with the verdict that Ronaldo is free to leave, then this transfer saga would be the precursor of the “abolition of slavery” in modern football.

The next thing to do will be to wait and witness the massive exodus of players from one club to another.

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Mohammed Najeeb
      18th July 2008

      Ronny to be leaving man utd is something strange, how could u ever think of his boss to leave despite the fact that he(ronny) wants to leave. to my views, he wants to have ronny by his side and use him to get tropies cos he is the hot potato in the club

    • nana
      22nd July 2008

      Actually everybody getting sick with this transfer saga setting by ManU and RealM for Ronaldo. But if Ronaldo have a clear mind and brain he should think wiser.First of all recently he do claim that money wasn’t a big matter for him as he was one of the highly paid “Slave” so what else he need to be at RealM, for chalenge? What kind of Chalenge?if not because of that highly pay.Than what else?!.On paper, Real may be one of the world’s richest clubs but earlier this year they were forced to take out a £30 million loan to cover operating costs and to compensate for the estimated £30m loss in annual revenue of David Beckham’s move to Los Angeles Galaxy last summer.
      So I don’t think RealM can to compossite with Sir Alex request.

      RealM only ogle big soccer Stars on the pitch but once everybody transfer succesfully compleated they become no one else and good example David Beckham need to involved in to other comercial advertisement goodies to sustained his life but remember, Beckham was lucky enough as having full support from his wife who have hand full of contact with media people around her but what’s going to be happen with Ronaldo if so happen his fortune was not as so lucky as beckham more over right now he still in his crutches surgery, he might be better or worst!! All its in God hand and control!.Or else maybe Ronaldo will become a model in to a Playboy magazine.


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