Latest Baby Gossip: Cristiano Names His Son Cristiano

Every football, especially CR9 fan is talking about Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby and whether it’s a rumor or true. Ronaldo has a history with women and such thing is expected from him. But the question is who’s the mother of the baby and who is taking care of the baby?

The news all started when Ronaldo declared that he has a baby from an American girl who refuse to show her identity to the public. Ronaldo revealed the shocker on his official twitter account and Facebook on July 3, announcing he would have sole custody of the boy. Here is what his sister said about the news and she revealed everything from the name of the baby to his weight and so on.

“We are looking after him while Cristiano is away,” Katia told news website Expresso, The Guardian newspaper reported.

 “He’s called Cristiano just like his dad. Cristiano chose the name but we like it. He looks like his father and like me. He has the same eyes. We don’t know the mother; we never met her.”

The boy was born on June 17 and weighed 4.3 kilograms.

Ronaldo is dating a Russian model called Irina Shayk, 24,  and they were in a  holiday in New York last week. The Russian model said a statement about the incident, that she is really disappointed and sad, but the statement was not true and another person said it instead of her.

“There have been rumours that have recently been publicised surrounding our client Irina Shayk’s personal life and the birth of Cristiano Ronaldo’s son,” a spokesperson said in a written statement, published by London’s Daily Mail.

“Any such statements allegedly made by Ms Shayk are false.

“Furthermore, any statements allegedly made by Ms Shayk regarding marriage at this time or wanting to have children at this time are also false, as recently printed by European tabloids.

“She has not and will not in the future comment on such matters and believes her private life and that of her friends are not material for gossip.

“It is unfortunate that individuals take it upon themselves to create fake fan pages and release false statements for any reason.

“For the time being, Ms Shayk has suspended her Twitter account in the wake of such rumours.”

 Ghiwa Abi Haidar,


    • Derbyanabella
      9th July 2010

      I know that he’s in love with himself, but naming his baby with his actual name is too much. Clearly every one will know that the boy is his son, every where he goes. Maybe it’s a thing to be proud of, but I dont think his kid will like the kind of attention when he’s bigger..

    • sinnineli
      9th July 2010

      This just makes my version more real….I’m gettin’ more and more dissapointed not every day but every hour in this man…sad really…I think soon I’m gonna loose any interest in him..
      P.S. @Derbya yeah I completely agree with you this is way too much…well obviously he wants that everyone would know who’s his child …

    • ghiwa
      9th July 2010

      Iam really disappointed with the idea that Ronaldo went on a vacation with his gf and had fun and he has a newly born child…. And I really would like to knw where was Ronaldo during the pregnancy no one spoke about it what shocked me is that he revealed that he has a baby now not before like whyyyyy !!! And His GF how can she stay with him and he has a child and she didn’t say a word she’s a B**** and don’t have PRIDE… about the name of the baby I think he should have named him like his father name but meybe he don’t have the time to think about a name LOL he was influenced by himself…

    • miho
      11th July 2010

      I think some of fans will leave from him this time….Well, good-bye to some of you. But I won’t.
      You weren’t any interestes in him as a football player???
      As I said, I have seen many cases so that I’m not disappointed because everyone should not be the same.
      After all, this is his private matter even if we are disappointed with him.
      And I like him as a football player and if he will play more better than last season and let Real Madrid to be winner in Spanish league, Champions league, I will support him.


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