Kaka backs Messi for the Ballon d’Or

Zidane said it, and said it well! If Ronaldo does not win the Fifa Player of the Year award or any other remaining award this year, it is all because some people have some preferences, not in terms of who really is the best, but in terms of affection.

The reigning Ballon d’Or winner Ricardo Kaka has declared that he would love to see Messi win this award in Paris this year, ahead of Champions League winner Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Messi is a truly great player. Cristiano Ronaldo is also very good and deserves the away, but I want Leo to be my successor,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Like Kaka, Ronaldo was the UEFA’s top scorer, helping Man United to win the title by scoring a goal in the final.

Many thinks that Messi is a better player than Ronaldo in terms of individual skills. But some reject this opinion, saying that Messi should have got only one goal at Old Trafford that would have sent Barcelona in the final at the expense of Ronaldo’s Manchester United.

Well, Ronaldo is an expert when it comes to captivating ladies. But can he charm voters to award him with the Ballon d’Or?

Written by: Angela Asante

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    • Noah
      14th September 2008

      Lionel Messi truly is the one who deserves to be the Fifa player of the year and not Cristiano Ronaldo. Though Ronaldo did quite a pretty job last season but Messi was better.That is why Argentina won the Olympic Gold medal in men’s soccer and Portugal could not win the Euro. Maybe they should consider him the next time.

    • Kcvallen
      17th September 2008

      Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is the best player of the globe,yeah he deserve the fifa world best player award.

    • Laura
      25th September 2008

      I think that Kaka’ is right because messi has been playing good this season and deserves the ballon d’Or

    • zinini
      6th October 2009

      football now is messi and messi is football.messi deserves it.i agree with kaka my guy.


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