Job opportunity – Apply now to be a Wayne Rooney Site power-fan writer

CRF is about to experience a revolution that will not only benefit the site but also you, the members and viewers.
The project is huge and we need your hand to help us create that.

So please contact us at if you think you are a power-fan of Manchester United’s number 10 striker Wayne Rooney.

Are you ready to bring on dynamism to Rooney’s Fan Site like CRF’s Chief Editor Angela Asante does it here at

Be aware that you’ll not only have to write daily articles on Wayne Rooney as a freelancer, but also post them yourself, manage comments and get in touch with viewers and members of the site.

Don’t worry too much though if you are not familiar with Word Press. We are ready to give you the necessary training for that.

All we need is a passionate, skillful, and open-minded power-fan to write, edit and manage the whole Wayne Rooney Fan Site.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

From CRF’s Chief Editor Angela Asante

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    • Admin
      3rd March 2009

      Hehe, Getoar!

      Good point there! I see Ronaldo is your only super player.

      Well, Man United is one body. There’s no rivalry. There’s Rooney on one side and Ronaldo on the other.

      Both team up for United.

      Manchester United 4 Ever!!!


    • Adrian
      3rd March 2009

      Well, it would be an interesting experience to have such a responsability…i`m a ronaldo fan but Ronney is a fantastic player too!
      I know Angela from 2-3 weeks now, and from what we have talked I realized that She is a person who puts ammunition and soul in everything She does.So that site needs someone just like Angela,hard working person,and big appetite to write and hear fans opinion!

    • Ricardinho
      3rd March 2009

      I could pissibly do it, do you get paid or anything for doing this? … i am a ronaldo fan 100% but i guess i could do rooney.

    • Syedahamed
      4th March 2009

      Hi ronaldo how r u i like you and your moments onlyone request pls reply me i know play your some moments


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