Is Ronaldo gay?

Cristiano may be out of action but he still has the potential to attract people and win awards. Cutie Ronnie won the ‘Gay Icon’ award a week aog, beating Elton John and David Beckham in the list. Manchester United’s former number 7 could only finish 7th.

This award adds to several other awards of this type that Ronaldo possesses in his name. His hairstyle, his body shape, his clothing, and his skin are what favoured him to win this title.

Ronaldo has never officially confessed that he is gay, but he has been accepting the awards and taking hot pictures too.

Moreover, Merche Romero – one of his ex-girlfriends – once revealed that Ronnie enjoyed wearing women’s clothes and high heels for fun.

Above all, Cris is still not married and rumours suggest that after all the ladies the womanizer has dated, his true darling is none of them but an unidentified man.

Written by: Angela Asante

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  1. OMG i really don’t think he’s gay one of my mates said all european men dress like that and i don’t think he is he is so hot but thats no reason to say hes gay some people r just hot
    I am so glad he stayed and i want him to stay for more then a year but its his dream to play for real madris so i will understand if he goes i will still be upset though

  2. Ronaldo is an amazing footballer, he is my muse when it comes to football. So i don’t think he’s gay but even if he was what’s the big deal?I’m really happy he doesn’t let any of this stuff get to him, and he’s not a womanizer, he just knows how to have fun.

  3. shuiii.. si este bombonsote es gay me muero ..!!!!!!!!!!!

    aunke lolo dudo.. igualmente si es gay .. YO ME SUMO A LA LISTA MANGA DE LOKAS CALENTONAS JAJAJAJAJAJ


  5. he is not gay how can they say that he is only modeling so if he models that means beckham n rooney n others are to!!!! RONALDO IS NOT GAY HE IS FIT!!!!

  6. omg ronaldo is so fit man i fink abt em day n nite i av fell 4 him n by da way he is not gay whoeva sayz hes gay dey can go and FUCK DEMSELVES ronaldo is fit…..

  7. I love Cristiano Ronaldo very mach want to marry for him to leave with him to be in him home and to kiss him forever to ve him wife and forever to be with him

  8. I want to be with him he is only one my happy on my life and I want to live with him to forever I live in Plovdiv,Bulgaria on Kucuk Paris,streets Peter Stoev 57 flour 2 flat 40 with love for him if love me someday somehow!

  9. Fuk tha haterzZZ! Ronaldo is the BESSSTTT!!!! People cant be him so they hate on him! GET A LIFE faggotz! Ronaldo for ballon d’OR nd messi can get fuckd…PEACE!!

  10. People say to me i look exactly like cristiano ronaldo, and im NOT gay!! Ur JEALOUS,i get the girls and u can kiss my ass

  11. PUNNABI- i go with you who ever thinks his gay is jealous of all girls he get-cus if he was a gay no one of the girls should like him is just simple as tht!

  12. ok watever we all know Ronaldo is not gay nd who gives a f**k wat his ex-girlfriend says. nd its true he can get watever girl he wants!

  13. Hey what if he is gay what does that matter????

    All you people who say he is not gay are just stupid to think that a person like him just might be gay…..

    Get a life people just except athletes can be gay too!!!!

  14. His not gay.

    Just because the man has style, and everyone (including men) fantasize about him–does NOT make him gay. Even if he was, which I strongly doubt he is, theirs nothing wrong with that. His an amazing player, amazing person, his just great. So haters, BACK OFF.

  15. I am a gay guy and while I realize that men who dress well and take care of themselves are quite often straight (my two brothers, for example and almost all of my guy friends) I really don’t believe that C Ron is straight.

    I am sorry, girls, but when I look at him I just get a gay vibe. I’m almost always right about it too.

    Maybe he isn’t gay but I just see gay when I look at him. Whether he is gay, straight, bisexual or whatever, it doesn’t even matter. None of you girls on here will ever be with him so it makes no sense to read your arguments, ”he’s not gay! He is so damm gorgeous!”… ummm lol at least you can compliment him : ) He is definitely gorgeous.

    Anyways, I think he’s gay and if I’m wrong whatever. Nobody here knows because that’s his business not ours. I will respect him as a football player and as a man regardless of his sexuality.

  16. Fuck all the persons that say that cristiano is gay..He is not gay becouse he have so girlfriend………..He is a good boyyyyyyyyyyy

  17. 100% sure he is gay . Yes , he is fit and yes i can imagine being attractive but everything he wears is just sooooo gay . It is putting 1 and 1 together . No man will never ever wear a pink rose behind his ear unless for a joke . No man will do so many things which look gay , he’s got all the features .

  18. Oh, I soo wish he’s gay. he’s so hot! It will be great publicity for us gay men and he will be at the start of new respect for the Gays!

  19. I am he n i can tell u that i am gay n i want wayne rooney in bed right now he is sexier than any woman alive

  20. Yeah he’s fuckin gay which really doesn’t matter except he wishes he could suck messi’s dick and become the #1 player!!! Never bitch, always 2nd or 3rd. Go suck a dick puto!!


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