Is Cristiano Ronaldo really the arrogant guy some see?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s frank attitudes have resulted in the public being very much disgusted at him being successful.

Watch this video from You Tube by clicking on “Read More” where Ronaldo is being presented a fake award by Soccer AM and judge for yourself whether Ronaldo reacts like the arrogant character everyone paints him with.

Cristiano Ronaldo took this fake award and ranged it in his room of trophies at the pleasure of Soccer AM.

By Angela Asante

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    • Y
      19th March 2009

      I think he probably just didnt realise it was a joke, especially since he put it in his house… probably thought it was a cheap award.

    • Adrian
      19th March 2009

      I agree to Y,maybe he didn`t realise it was a joke,how he looks he is very grateful,and happy for this award:)and he is funny too:))

    • lee
      19th March 2009

      LOL 🙂 i think he thought it was real, he is coool but FUNNY !!! he put it in his house and i respesct him
      Cheers Lee xxx :):)

    • enxhi ronalda
      22nd March 2009

      No Ronaldo is the best person of the world…I love my brother and i will meet his ex girlfriend

    • victor
      30th March 2009

      i think cristiano is cool but since he is famouse and has alot of money and gets almost any girl that he wants then he thinks that he can be a dick or do what ever he feels like doin.

      so i just wan to tell him that he isnt all that!


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